Lithe and small, these aquatic humanoids are fast and agile swimmers. The Qwohog are lively freshwater amphibians found in streams, rivers, and lakes on their native planet of Hirsi. They are called "Wavedancers" because their quick movements on the water's surface looks as if they are performing a fast-paced ballet. Omnivores, tehy feast on basin-pods that grow on the surfaces, skitterflies which flit above the waves, and the plentiful fish in Hirsi's lakes. Qwohog communities in large lakes farm freshwater plants and moss and send hunting parties ashore to capture delectable lizards and tiny mammals.
Qwohog are small-boned and appear delicate, though they are actually quite strong — their muscles are honed and developed by years spent swimming. Their dark skin is smooth and nearflawless, ranging in hue from iridescent blue to emerald green. They do not have hair, though raised silvery scales grow atop their heads and ring their wrists, waists, and ankles. Their black eyes are round and unblinking, and they have no noticeable nose, though a ridge of sensitive skin above their mouths detects scents and toxic substances in the water. Their ears are long and pointed, the tips extending just above the tops of their heads. Often the males decorated their ears with bits of shells to show their station in Qwohog community.
Dexterity 1D/3D+2
Knowledge 1D/2D+2
Mechanical 1D/3D
Perception 1D/3D+2
Strength 1D/3D+2
Technical 1D/3D

Amphibious: Qwohog or Wavedancers, are freshwater amphibians and breathe equally well in and out of water. Retractable webbing on their hands and feet adds to their swimming rate. They gain an additional +1D to the following skills while underwater: Brawling Parry, Dodge, Survival, Search, and Brawling.
Move: 8/10, 14/16 (swimming)
Pip Cost: 1

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