R2 F0

I don't know why people keep droids around, or if they are as disfunctional as the unit I picked up.

R2-F0…better known as R2-FU since the top of the 0 is scratched off, is annoying to no end. It seems that while I have been away on duty my little droid tripped a few of the explosives I had wired into my room. Now he won't stop screaming at me when I come home about "Don't touch anything! Stay away from me! Just turn me off and leave me for scrap!"
It's not my fault he's stupid enough to trip my booms, though oddly enough he has become very good at finding where I misplaced a lot of them.

The other rebels don't seem to have a problem with R2 and the pilots think he's been a real help in the hangars, though supposedly if he sees me in the same room he becomes paranoid and won't let anyone move or touch anything.

I wonder if there are droid therapists in the yellow pages….

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