Radis Vujovic

Race: Human Place of Birth: Hyperspace

Status: Officer in the rebel alliance, founding member of Orange Squadron

Description: 5'8", 180lbs., brown hair, blue eyes. Usually wears a business suit and is known to use grenades on a regular basis.

Ships: Positronic Haven - a modified Nova Drive 3Z light freighter
Y-Not - a heavily modified Koensayr BTL-S3 Y Wing
Former half owner of the Harmonious Fortune

Radis is known to collect unusual gear which he stores aboard the Positronic Haven (PH) this includes vehicles, weapons, armor, etc. The PH has a sizable crew of droids a well equipped work bay, medical bay, and an excellent galley with a highly skilled chef droid of unknown origin. There are photos of Radis in circulation which are questionable and probably staged due to his habit of throwing stun grenades near his comrades.

Radis' crew consists of at least 12 droids and he is seeking to add more, he always seems to be in need of money and has recently started a business venture named Positronic Haven Shipping. He has also begun participating in missions with Talon's Claw.

Known associates: Myrradd, Jodann (possible business partners)

Radis: Damn it, I should have shot that ISB agent on full power.
Chimara: Uh..why?
Radis: He scorched my suit when he shot me!

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