Ranged Weapons

This is for all those weapons which do not come under any other heading and are used at rangeā€¦ such as black powder weapons and slug throwers.

AR-3 Assault rifle

This assault rifle is a well known one, used by the Spec force infiltrator, Qualen Pennik. It supports both a scope and a recoil suppression stock, and has an integrated silencer and flash suppressor.

Game Stats
: 5-80/150/250
Damage: 5d+1 base. Add 1d for a three round burst (which adds 5 to the target number to hit)
ROF: 6 single shots, 4 bursts or full auto
Ammo: 30 or 36 round clips
Cost: 2250 credits, 40 credits per spare clip (unloaded), 300 for a box of 50 rounds

Special notes: If the user wishes to go full auto, this is the only action he can do in the round, much like a full dodge.

Morellian Enforcer
The Morellian weapons Conglomerate (MWC) produced this .48 caliber pistol in limited quantities for use by the Morellian Enforcers (a merc group). The weapon, though archaic by many standards, does an incredible amount of damage, though only trained users can handle its recoil.

Game Stats:
Ammo: 4
ROF: 4. Each additional shot increases the difficulty to hit by one category
Damage: 6d+1
Cost: NFS. 6000+ on the black market

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