Rank In The Alliance

1.) The Rank System: Several characters have a military rank in the Rebellion. Some start in military service such as the Rebel Special Forces Operative, but other characters have joined up voluntarily. At this time player characters can only join the Rebel Special Forces. Any other branch of the Rebel military would prevent freelance missions (the character would be retired). The rank system is based on points earned to show advancement through the enlisted and then the officer ranks. The system involves Rank Points. One character point earned equals one rank point. Adventures may award additional points to players as appropriate however only to actual members of the Rebellion. There are two levels of ranks, Enlisted and Officers. The number of Rank Points collected determines the rank of the character.

Enlisted Ranks

Rank Points Ground Ops Space Ops Tech Ops Pay
0-19 Recruit Spaceman Recruit Novice 100
20-39 Private Spaceman Apprentice Apprentice 120
40-69 Private First Class Spaceman Lead Apprentice 140
70-99 Corporal Petty Officer 3rd Class Mechanic 3rd Class 170
100-139 Sergeant Petty Officer 2nd Class Mechanic 2nd Class 200
140-179 Staff Sergeant Petty Officer 1st Class Mechanic 1st Class 240
180-219 Sergeant 1st Class Chief Petty Officer Senior Mechanic 280
220-259 Master Sergeant Senior Chief Petty Officer Master Mechanic 320
260-299 First Sergeant Master Chief Petty Officer Chief Mechanic 360
300-349 Sergeant Major Warrant Officer Junior Technician 400

Officer Ranks

Rank Points Ground Ops Space Ops Tech Ops Pay
350-399 Second Lieutenant Ensign Technician 450
400-499 First Lieutenant Lt Junior Grade Journeyman Technician 500
500-599 Captain Lieutenant Master Technician 600
600-699 Major Lt Commander Craftsman 700
700-849 Lieutenant Colonel Commander Journey Craftsman 800
850-999 Colonel Captain Master Craftsman 950
1000-1249 Brigadier General Rear Admiral (Lower) Engineer 1100
1250-1499 Major General Rear Admiral (Upper) Journeyman Engineer 1350
1500-1999 Lieutenant General Vice Admiral Master Engineer 1600
2000+ General Admiral Chief Engineer 2100

2.) Joining Up: If a player character joins the Rebellion, any previously earned character points apply towards the ranking system. However, a character with 100 character points (100 rank points) does not immediately begin at the rank of Sergeant or a character with 500 rank points start at the rank of Captain. A player character must advance to that rank, but will do so swiftly. If their character points earned puts them in the enlisted rank bracket, then they begin at Private/Recruit and at the completion of each adventure they will go up a rank until they reach the correct rank for their point total. If their character points earned puts them in the officer’s bracket, then they begin at Second Lieutenant and at the completion of every two adventures they will go up a rank until they reach the correct rank for their point total. Until a character has officially joined up, they are ineligible for bonus rank points.

3.) Rank Pay: All player characters receive the standard base pay for being associated with the Rebel Alliance. Those characters that have ‘joined up’ receive additional rank pay based on their current rank. The pay is equal to 100 plus the low-end rank point requirement for their current rank in credits (see above chart).

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