RD&T Mission Report From Major Vo-Zzingnut

Team Memebers: Field Colonel Kas'Tor (Team Leader), Sara Starsider (Op), Pistol Whip (RS), Megs (RS), Rhineheart (RS), Darrik (RS), Xes (Op), Major Jynx Vo Vo-Zzingnut

After Kas'Tor demonstrated his abilities to sneak up to the back door, and his inabilities to relay back information via internal coms, the team attacked the base, paying special attention to murder holes on the outside of the edifice. Once inside, Field Colonel Kas'Tor split the team in two.

Under my command were: Pistol Whip, Rhineheart, and new recruit Darrik.

We came up against three of the five 'lost ops': Erisi Chelchu, Sarryn Scutu, and Dash Dorien.

Told to bring back in one piece and still breathing, Pistol Whip, Rhineheart, and Darrik turned their attention towards Erisi, Sarryn, and 'rebels'. Dash knelt down with 1/2 brick of detonite. Sizing up the situation I taught the former 2nd Lieutenant not to play with explosives. Also did my best to 'persuade' the 'rebels' to stand down, but the group was divided and Sarryn comanded them to act. Erisi stood ground before Sarryn but was eventually taken down by the combined efforts of Rhineheart and Pistolwhip. Secured the remaining 'rebels' and discovered Imperial Dogtags. Also made sure there were no explosive devices to worry about. Dash was patched up (my apologies for the need to re-attatch his arm) and we regrouped with the rest of the team.

*Notice to command*:

After reviewing mission file for former Sec. Lt. Dash Dorien it is in my personal interest as both a member of the rebellion as well as a demolitions engineer to keep a tab on the progress of his deprogramming. I would also like to offer any assistance I can in his deprogramming, but will leave this decision in your hands. May he get well soon.

-Major Reon Vo Zzingnut

*Get Well Soon Card To Dash (hand made with picture of squib grenade scrawled on front):*

Dear Dash,

Hope you enjoyed what company I could provide while in transit back to rebel cell. Hope to hear more of your efforts…for the real rebellion this time…soon. Hope you get well soon as well, and sorry about blowing off your arm, but it's okay since I am a nurse and put it back where it belongs.

Ardent Admirer of your work,


Sorry I had to take your jacket and toys, but I promise to put them to good use.

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