Rebel Distractors & Terrorists

Mission Report from Command

Background: Due to reports of a group calling themselves “The Crucible Rebels”, we launched an investigation and obtained information on who they were and where they were headquartered. Having obtained this information we dispatched a team to the site. Due to the lack of availability of General bel Iblis (our first choice), we decided to give a field commission of Colonel to one Kas'tor.

Mission data: “The ^Fake Crucible Rebels

Mission debrief: The trip to the planet was uneventful. Locating the imposter's base was equally uneventful since we had their coordinates already. Seeing that there were two entrances to their base, we did what every good rebel team does and chose to land and make our way to the back door (we thought it was a good idea). There was a narrow ledge going up to the back door and the wall around the door had 4 murder holes/blaster slits to each side of it with a small killing field in front of it. The path made it so that we had to approach this killing field mostly in single file, but there was a little room to manuever. Acting Colonel Kas'tor took the lead, Lt Major Vo took rear guard as we stealthily approached the door. Colonel Kas'tor opted to draw their fire as the killing field did not leave much option for going unseen and he charged the blaster ports. The rest of the team excercised their expertise with ranged weapons of various sorts to take out most of the defenders through the blaster ports fairly quickly. Kas'tor then opened the door to see a squad ready to fire at him. A stun grenade was skipped off of Kas'tor's head to get a little extra range and into the middle of the squad, taking out all but their squad leader who then promtly surrendered. We then started the assault on the main section of the base. However there were two ways around so Acting Colonel Kas'tor split our team, putting half under the command of Lt Major Vo to go around to the left while he took the other half around to the right. After some intense firefights and a 1 on 1 fight between Kas'tor and one of the imposter's, we managed to subdue the entire base with minimal casualties to them and no casualties to our team. We loaded up the prisoners and took them back to the ship. While securing the prisoners in the ship, it was discovered that other than the former rebels, the rest of the imposters were wearing imperial dogtags.

Commendations: By all accounts, Field Colonel Kas'Tor handled himself admirably as a commander. He has declined enlistment at this time, and will return to being an independent operative.

RD&T Mission Report from Major Vo

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