Rebel Special Forces

Rebel Special Forces
Dex: 4D; blaster, brawling parry, (s)brawling parry: SpecForce martial arts parry, dodge, firearms, grenade, melee combat, melee parry
Kno: 2D; alien species, streetwise, survival
Mec: 3D; repulsorlift operation, capital ship gunnery, starship gunnery
Per: 3D; command, hide, search, sneak
Str: 3D; brawling, (s)brawling: SpecForce martial arts, climbing/jumping, stamina
Tec: 3D; armor repair, blaster repair, demolitions, first aid, ground vehicle repair, security
Species: Human
Move: 10
Force Sensitive: Yes or No
Force Pts: 1
Character Pts: 5
Credits: 100
Special Notes:
1) Can play modules 1-11, but is considered a mercenary because this is prior to the formation of the Rebel Alliance (still collect rank points).
1) Starts as a member of the Rebel military as a Private (20 rank points).
Equipment: choose equipment based on Special Forces training (choose one from below).
SpaceOps – blaster pistol (4D), blaster carbine (5D), 2 grenades (5D), space suit (+1D P/+2 E), vibroknife (Str+1D), comlink.
Pathfinder – blaster rifle (5D), 2 grenades (5D), camouflage poncho (+1D Sneak), survival pack, comlink.
Urban Combat Specialist – blaster pistol (4D), 2 grenades (5D), vibroknife (Str+1D), comlink.
Wilderness Fighter – blaster pistol (4D), speeder bike, survival pack, vibroknife (Str+1D), comlink.
Infiltrator – silenced slugthrower pistol (3D), garrote (Str+1D), vibroknife (Str+1D), headset comlink.
Heavy Weapon Specialist – blaster pistol (4D), comlink, vibroknife (Str+1D), light repeating blaster (6D).
Technician – heavy blaster pistol (5D), technical tool kit, 1 cube of detonite (10D), 2 medpacs, comlink.
Driver/Pilot – blaster pistol (4D), speeder bike, comlink.
Scanner/Communications Operator – blaster pistol (4D), comset, scanner, comlink.
Interrogator – datapad, blaster pistol (4D), recording rod, portable uniform refresher, wash-up kit, language software datacard (+1D Language), comlink.

Procurement Specialist – datapad, blaster pistol (4D), lock-breaking kit (+1D Security to pick locks), comlink.
choose equipment based on Special Forces training (choose one from those listed with the Rebel Operative template).

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