Reclaim Team 1 Space

The team: Bear Riggs, Radis, Myrrrad, Pola, Fred Slick, Loren Nik, Jericho and Dee'laan Gad'wa-heega

As usual, some of us were called upon to secure the space for the other teams to succeed. As usual when dealing with the Empire, they sent in a wave of Tie-fighters to keep us busy while they brought in some of the bigger ships. A Carrack class cruiser showed up to make trouble for our ships to make it over to the Interdictor which had been sent to create a gravity well to keep the ships from making the jump to hyperspace.

Those with the faster ships made it past the Carrack with no problems and were able to damage the gravity well projectors so the ship we were acquiring could leave. I was not quite so lucky in my Utapau P-38 as I was left behind by our other ships. Just before a shot from the Carrack hit my ship, I ejected. Thankfully Radis understood that there was nothing left to salvage and he picked me up.

Our mission was successful with no lives lost but there was the loss of one personal starfighter.

Report submitted by Gen. Dee'laan Gad'wa-heega

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