Reclaim Team 3 Engineering

Team Leader: General Harold Ascott
Team Members: General Fen Bel Iblis, Ned'lx, Xes Maiyohn, Dirk Goldstar, Nabacca, Jynx, and Sara Starsider
Ship Used: Combat Shuttle
Location: Space (somewhere out there)
Mission Objectives: To gain control of the Engineering section of the Star Destroyer and hold it while we get the ship back to safety.
Mission Debrief: Our shuttle entered the landing bay of the star destroyer with no problems, but found that the docking systems were not active. We carefully made use of the nose of the shuttle to open the sealed bulkhead doors to the rest of the ship. Then Jynx helped open the way a little further so that General Iblis could get the CCU through the opening. There was a power failure of the magnashield keeping atmosphere in the bay shortly after the door was opened, but General Ascott was able to get the blast doors closed and reseal the bay.
We then found a few techs from the Beta cell that were frantically trying to regain control of some systems and informed us that MSE droids seemed to be the ones trying to take control of systems and cause problems. After securing the area, we then continued on towards Engineering. Artificial gravity failed at one point, but General Ascott was able to get it back on in fairly short order.
We ran into a group of troopers dressed as technitions who attempted to stop us, but they offered very little resistance once our close quarters combat specialists closed with them.
Once we arrived in Engineering, we discovered the fire suppressant system had been activated, making breathing difficult for those without sealed suits or breath masks. 4 of the 5 imperial sabatours that were in the room wearing breath masks surrendered immediately while the other hit a button and then tried to hide. He was subsequently subdued and his plans were deactivated.
We cleared the air in engineering and verified we did not have any explosives or other traps in the room and secured the area while General Ascott and Ned'lx set about getting control of all the ship's systems. We discovered that the comm interpherance we were getting was due to a signal being transmitted by the star destroyer that was sending all the data in the computer banks out. The signal was stopped, and control of the ship was gained. However, we then discovered that an Interdictor was in the system, and we had to wait for it to get out of the way for us to leave.
Mission Status: Successful.

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