Red Team

Team: Red Pink
Officer In Charge: Gen. Bel Iblis
Team Members: Myrrrad, Nabacca, Jynx
Objective: Cause a distraction
Mission Status: Successful

Report by Col. Vo-Zzingnut

While in the briefing we learned we were supposed to be acting as 'decoy' to the Imperial base, allowing the real missions to take place. I made up a supply list of items needed to accomplish our task and asked Gen. Iblis if he would be kind enough to get the supplies from the quartermaster (apparently that is still off limits to me). In the meantime I looked over the blue prints to the compound, locating the weaknesses in the layout for 'quality results' in regards to the mission. With this knowledge in mind, and a box full of explosives we cheerily set out.

I was not aware that we would be gliding in once the drop ship entered atmosphere since I was looking over the blueprints. After some cajoling and possible threats were made we made the jump, deciding it would be best to land where we planned to exit as there was no door there yet. We decided we would make one (killing two birds with one stone). I over estimated my landing and wound up knocking Col. Myrrrad into a puddle of mud (owe him a day at the spa).

Once down a bet was placed as to whether or not I could shoot a grenade over the wall of the compound and hit the main power generator, also making a whole in the wall to use as an entry/exit point. Of course, I made my mark. Who ever thought a modified TD would cause as much structural damage?!! (Whistles innocently)

The TD hit the power generator, taking out the wall around the compound, a chicken walker that was in one of the garages, along with part of the garage, and blew a whole into the second garage. Nabacca, Fen and Myrrrad ran into the fight at that point, while I stayed put where I was. I shot a second TD seeing a whole in the second garage and another chicken walker. This time the explosion took out the garage and walker, and 1/4th of the compound's outer wall. It was then I got shot at by a squad of troopers that I had neglected to see for the blazing mounds of chaos and destruction before me.

Nabacca was in a frenzy, and Fen and Myrrrad had gone beyond my point of view. A third chicken walker made itself known, and I hit it with a fin bat, knocking it into a building. The troopers kept coming like spares in a game of bowling.

In the end, the mission was a huge success!

We did have to tramp through the sewers where we had retreated to meet a contact that would show us to a safe house. I had also missed out on hearing that part due to lack of focus knowing I was gonna blow something up.

After shining a pair of Fen's boots (punishment for not making a thorough bet), and he finished detailing my armor I was then subjected to torture by the Gen. Things that shall not be spoken of again.

Requesting permission to seek therapy on the Hope when we get back to command.

-Col. Reon Vo-Zzingnut

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