Reduce Injury

Reduce Injury
Control Difficulty
spaceM (15) – for Incapacitated
spaceD (20) – for Mortally Wounded
spaceVD (25) – for Dead
Required PowersControl Pain
Effect – The Force-user may call upon the Force to reduce the amount of injury they suffer. The power must be used in the round that the injury is suffered or in the round immediately following. When this power is successfully used the Force-user loses a Force Point (this Force Point cannot be used with the roll; it is just lost). Any injury that is taken is reduced to Wounded. If the original injury would have killed the character, the Gamemaster will inflict a relevant permanent injury on the character.

Note – It is not always a "selfish" act to save one's own life, so the character might be able to get the Force Point back. If the character was fighting to save her friends from certain doom - and if she fails, they certainly die - then this could even be considered a heroic action.

Located – 2nd Edition Revised Rulebook p.144

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