Remain Conscious

Remain Conscious
Control Difficulty
spaceE (10) - for Stunned
spaceM (15) – for Incapacitated
spaceD (20) – for Mortally Wounded
Required PowersControl Pain
Effect – Remain Conscious allows a Force-user to remain conscious even after suffering injuries which would knock her unconscious. When a character with this power suffers this kind of injury, she loses all other actions for the rest of the round but she is still conscious (a character without this power would still pass out).
At the beginning of the next round, the character may attempt to activate the power - this must be the first action of the round; the Force-user cannot even dodge or parry.
If the roll is unsuccessful, the Force-user passes out immediately. If the roll is successful, the Force-user may only perform one other action that round - often the character will attempt Control Pain. The character may make a last ditch heroic effort before passing out. After that other action has been completed, the Force-user will lapse into unconsciousness (unless she has activated Control Pain or done something else to stay conscious).
Located – 2nd Edition Revised Rulebook p.144-145

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