Report Filled By Lt Gen Dee Laan Gad Wa Heega

Team members:
Fen bel Iblis
Fred Slick
Dee’laan Gad’wa-heega

Our job was to observe a meeting between an ISB agent and an agent for the Governor of Lain, record it if possible and capture these individuals.

We formed a plan before arriving on Minor some days before the meeting date. It was decided to rent an apartment for a longer period then we were going to be there instead of getting a hotel room for that time period. Officials investigating the aftermath would more likely start with checking out the hotels and not the apartment buildings. Also rented was a room at a flop house on the route we planned to take to get back to our ship.

Slik provided a number of disguises and one part of our plan was put into action. A few trips would be made in and out of the ship with some of our team in different disguises. This would cover the true number of arriving passengers so when we were ready to leave with our captives, it would not be questioned that we were leaving with extras.

Now we started our surveillance of the area and placing of listening devices and some stun grenades. As cover, Fen went to the local animal shelter and picked up a dog type creature so his cover was to be walking his pet. Chimara spent time at various locations “studying” as her cover was as a student. I was loaned a Space Scout uniform and a young human male disguise from Slik so that I could walk around unnoticed to place the various items while doing “community service” of picking up trash while working on a merit badge. Slik and Fred also worked on surveillance.

The day of the meet came and we all took our places. The parties sat at the bench we were told they would and we were able to record their conversation. As an added bonus, the odd ball taco vendor who was wearing a really big sombrero who looked out of place turned out to be another Imperial agent so we added him to our catch.

The stun grenades going off were very effective and sent all of the civilians running from the area. I am not sure who stunned the additional agent but all three were put onto the taco cart. I was able to retrieve the data pads that were dropped but could not quickly reach the stun grenades. We then all got away from the square. Meeting up at the flop house, our captives were put into disguises and dragged onto our ship as if they were drunk and needed help walking.

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