Report Gen Taylor Castel

Report Gen Taylor Castel

After a denied request to be removed from any further missions to Mindor, Rebel command not only sent me back, but placed me in command. After selecting a team to obtain further samples which included the following we headed out.

Gen. Taylor Castel
Vandin Vronbeck
Gen. Arkansas Dave Rudebaugh
Major. Jynx Vo-Zzingnut
En. Brace Track

Mission Objectives:

  • Assigned to sample 9 locations obtaining geological and life forms samples
  • My team was assigned as cover while other teams investigated the Imperial presence.

Mission Review:

  • My team received clearance from the local Imperials with out any issues.
  • We scouted several of the locations with out any incident. Geological samples have been tagged according to flight and local coordinates.

Areas of interest:

  • Ocean location: It appears there is an electrical based life form in the ocean. It is atttracted to electrical fields.
  • Ruins of Mindor City: Levels of radiation still present there is a 5 hours window before levels become damaging to normal healthy humanoids. The city is bombed and remains uninhabited. The remnants of the people, their lives still a reminder of the tragedy that happened there.
  • The death location of the Last Skynock

A powerful location filled with pain and rage. Highly likely to affect any personal influenced by the force. It was destroyed unwisely by En Brace Track. Under the tree numerous bats were released, which appear to have rage based influences on people.

Samples have been submitted for examination.

Personal note:
Gen Castel would like to request (2nd request) that she no longer be assigned to any further mission's regarding Mindor.

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