Repulsorlift Grappling Gun

Equipment / Conveyances / Climbing Gear

Model: Zone Control Repulsor Grappling Gun
Type: Repulsor grappling gun
Scale: Character
Skill: Firearms
Cost: 1,200 (gun), 1,000 (wrist)
Availability: 2
Game Notes:

Can be operated as a normal grappling gun, or operator can fire the gun normally, and then control the rate of ascent and direction of the repulsor-grappling hook via a thumb-operated joystick built into the gun. Hook’s charge will only last 30 seconds. Gun version makes 10 launchings on a standard blaster power pack, and stores 200 meters of molecularly reinforced line. Automatic winch pulls the owner at 20 meters per second and supports 200 kilograms. Wrist version makes 5 launchings on a hold-out blaster power pack, and stores 100 meters of line. Ascends at 10 meters per second and supports 150 kilograms.

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