This page is for posting the reputations that various PC's have known among the other operatives in the Rebellion. Not necessarily what you are good at, or true, but just what the rest of the Crucible Sector Rebellion personel have heard about the character.
Note: Please remember to link to the character's page.

Chimara has galactic syphilis. No she doesn't; this is a bad joke rumor.

Harold Ascott is a THE tech god.

Jynx is really good at, and really likes explosives. She likes them too much.

Sara Starsider is cute, but a cold hearted killer.

Velen is very handsome, and very good with a lightfoil but not a blaster. He is also very much a ladies man and playboy. However he is also a bit vain and pompous.

Uneeq is a talented entertainer who uses her singing talents to spread the Rebel message.

Fen Bel Iblis is a narcoleptic in field and should consult a doctor. No he's not. Sometimes he forgets he is not totally impervious to blaster fire when he stands on the field of battle. His close friends just know to keep a dirt nap counter going.

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