Rescue Recovery

Main Mission Briefing

As you may know, we were to have been assisting in the set-up of a new outpost on Siris Iredium for Senator Harmon Antilil Besquor. That assignment has been put on hold. The available crew from The Discovery has been asked to mount a rescue mission.

Briefly, here are the details of what happened. Senator Besquor seems to have been duped for some time believing his planet's original government was still in place and had arranged to offer santuary to a number of Alliance supporting Senators and their staffs, in addition to hosting an Allliance outpost. When his ship landed, he and all on board were taken into custody. They were able to get out a short message to warn the other 3 ships in the initial convoy.

Only one of the other ships got away and this is what they reported to the fleet: Iredium's Dream landed according to the plans but it was a trap. The Republic loyalist government had recently been overthrown and all of the ship's occupants have been placed in a detention camp just outside of the capital city along with the local loyalist government's officials."

"The Tattered Kaadu was last sighted southeast of Iredium's capital city. They were experiencing multiple system failures and may have crashed. This ship was carrying various equipment and technical personnel."

"The third ship is the passenger ship Pearls of Serenity and it carried one Galactic Senator and staff who were seeking asylum. We are unsure of its condition but it was fairly close to the Tattered Kaadu when it was last seen."

We intend to send two teams to Siris Iredium. One team will break into the detention center and rescue Senator Harmon Antilis Besquor and as many of the other loyalists as possible. The other team will be tasked with finding both the Tattered Kaadu and Pearls of Serenity and lending whatever aid is necessary. Further instructions will be given to the individual teams. May the Force be with you.

Mission Briefing - Rescue of Senator H. A. Besquor

Mission Briefing - Rescue & Recovery; Tattered Kaadu & Pearls of Serenity

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