Ri Dar

The Ri'Dar are flying, tree-dwelling primates approximately one meter in length. They have sloping foreheads with heavy brows, and large, red eyes with slit pupils. Their jaws are massive, the lower one slightly prognathic. A dwny brown fur covers the Ri'Dar from head to foot, save that hte gray skin on their faces is naked and expressive. The Ri'Dars' wings are triangular and attached to the back sides of their arms, exnteding from the armpit to the tip of the small finger. The wings are also attached along the length of the body, running from the armpit all the way down to the little tow. When the Ri'Dar spread their arms, these wings have spans of approximately three meters. Ri'Dar have six fingers on each hand and six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot (although this number can vary: some Ri'Dars have as few as four or as many as eight fingers of toes). Their tails are long, broad, and flat.
Dexterity 3D/5D
Knowledge 1D/2D+1
Mechanical 1D/3D
Perception 2D/4D
Strength 1D/2D+1
Technical 1D/3D

Fear: When faced with dangerous or otherwise stressful situations, the Ri'Dar must make an Easy Willpower roll. Failing this roll means that the Ri'Dar cannot covercome its fear and runs away from the situation.
Flight: On planets with one standard gravity, Ri'Dar can easily glide (they must take the Dexerity skill Flight at at least 1D). On planets with less than one standard gravity, they can fly under their own power. Ri'Dar cannot fly on planets with gravities greater than one standard gravity.
Move: 5/7, 15/20 (flying)
Pip Cost: 1

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