Rogue Hunters End The Clash Report By Choth

The Rogue Hunter and his Apprentice approach of the encounter was the key to our overall success. They relied heavily on the information they had received from the Bounty Hunter Dono.

Early in the fight it became obvious that the Hunter’s were relying heavily on the Force. One of the best examples of this was the large number of malfunctions by grenade launchers. There were several injuries before this method of attack was deemed wastefully ineffective for use against the Hunter or his Apprentice.

Due to the uniqueness of the chosen site, it some how could effect the flow of the Force, the Hunter was not as effective using his what would otherwise be impressive abilities with the Force.

One of our secondary attack methods, hidden explosives, was still quickly disabled by the Hunter’s use of the Force even with the sites effects. This lead the team members to an initial barrage of random blaster fire and attempts to use grenade launchers. As mentioned above the grenade launchers kept malfunctioning when targeting the Hunter or his Apprentice, though they worked consistently still when used on the stormtroopers that were there in support of the Hunter.

An interesting thing was that I didn’t notice was that Dono was even there until a little while into the combat. This was mainly due to his size and that he remained in a much more discrete position yet in closer proximity to the Hunter than the support troops.

After it became obvious that it would take a more concentrated effort to wear down at breach the Hunter’s defenses, Brigadier General Miris began to coordinate combined fire on the Hunter. To the Hunter’s credit he was taking the few hits that breached his defenses quite well, though I believe he may have been supplementing his natural durability by calling on the Dark Side of the Force.

During this point some of my ‘support team’, began removing the support troops systematically from the overall equation on the field. Dak was assisting in this effort but not in coordination with my team.

Around this time two important events happened: Darrik D'Louth made an attempt to grab Dono on a speeder bike and Dak eliminated the Apprentice.

The Apprentice was eliminated by an expert shot through the visor of his helmet. The loss of the apprenticed significantly affected the moral and abilities, which may have been enhanced via the Force by the Apprentice, of the opposing troops and the Hunter.

In an odd twist, Dono turned his decksweeper on D’Louth as he was approached knocking him unconscious. D’Louth had said he was going in to get Dono out of the way so more aggressive methods could be used. This caused the defender’s faith in the Squibb to falter significantly and left us in an even harder spot. We now had an unconscious team member right next to the Hunter and he was in that situation from what we were expecting to be a supportive ally.

It was about this time that I was noticeably aware of the struggle between the Hunter and one of our Force-User over Chimara, who was holding on to one of the pieces of the Amulet of Exar Kun in an attempt to prevent the Hunter from obtaining it. Chimara held on to the piece for a significant amount of time, from what I understand it harms those Force-Users that haven’t fallen to the Dark Side. In the end she removed her own hand with her lightsaber before unconsciousness set in. Shortly after this, the piece was in the Hunter’s grasp.

It was at this time that the Hunter realized he was no longer being supported by troops. He moved back to the alcove that led into the main room and proceeded to wait there for some reason.

I proceeded to close with him and finish his reign of terror. I then secured his lightsaber and the Sense portion of the Amulet.

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