Rogue Hunters End The Clash Report By Taylor

The rebels concentrated on taking out the Hunter and his Adept while dodging pot shots from troopers. Early in the battle the plan to stow the Amulet Pieces in a welded boxes was easily overcome by the Hunter. In a heroic attempt to deny the Hunter his prize Chimera jumped on the medallion. The medallion so infused with the dark side it began racking her body with pain. Chimera refused to give the Hunter his prize. In twisted delight the dark Jedi reached out with the force and forced Chimera's hand to hold on tightly to the amulet that drained the life from her, then lifted her body pulling her towards him.

The rebels nearby tried harder than ever coordinating every attack effort onto the Hunter or his adept to break the hold on Chimera. Crash commanded the forces to fire on the Hunter, and volley after volley the Hunter withstood, but we could see that each hit was taking it's toll. Stinky would not let the dark Jedi take her friend so easily. Stinky reached out with the Force to impede the Hunter's pulling at Chimera and deny him her friends life.

Finally Chimera felt herself beginning to lose her battle with the Amulet. With nothing left to withstand the pain Chimera took her lightsaber and severed her own hand, letting the Amulet take her hand destroy her hand before falling unconscious. The team of hero's redoubled our efforts to bring down the Hunter.

Again the Hunter withstood the assault and pulled the Alter Piece towards him. The Hunter had 2 of the 3 Pieces of the Amulet, but the last piece was in the arena, he couldn't leave with so much on the line. His greed would be his worst enemy of the day. The rebels had been firing on him constantly and his power was fading. The trooper were dropping around him thanks to the keen eye of Dak. Finally the rebels efforts were paying off, the final piece which was so tempting would be impossible for the Hunter to reach. He retreated to a small cove of doors, where the rebels closed in and finished him off.

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