Rogue Hunters End The Settled Dust

The final status at the end of this encounter is as follows:

Alliance Losses: 1 combat droid

Imperial Losses: 1 Hunter Team, 2 Squads of Stormtroopers, 1 Heavy Weapons Team, 2 Sentinel Class Landing Craft, and 2 Imperial Light Corvettes

Alliance Injuries: 1 with Fragmentation Injuries and 1 with Loss of a Hand

Imperial Injuries: All fatal

Status of Amulet Pieces:

Control Piece: Retained by the Alliance, secured by General Harold Ascott

Sense Piece: Obtained from the Hunter team, secured by Choth Tamith

Alter Piece: Retained by the Alliance, secured by Brigadier General Lyta Miris

Disposition of Imperial Equipment Gained:

Hunter's Lightsaber: Claimed by Choth Tamith

Apprentice/Force Adept/Royal Guard's Force Pike: Status Unkown

Heavy Weapons: 1 Medium Repeater claimed by Choth Tamith, 1 Medium Repeater destroyed, 1 E-Web Heavy Repeater destroyed

Standard Stormtrooper Equipment: Sold to repair damages to the battle ground

Dispotion of Battle Ground:

The site currently remains off of the Imperial Radar, per se, due to the limited distribution of information to set the trap. Damages to site due to explosions were repaired with funds gained from sale of Imperial Equipment gained post combat. The reminants of the Corvettes are still floating above the planet.

After waiting for other Rebels to come in and handle the other ship that waited in orbit the rebel finally learned that T'Thokk had been captured by the Empire. The Rebel team readied themselves for a rescue mission. Before any real plans could be developed the Rebels were dealt another blow, T'Thokk scheduled for execution had been killed while being moved. A pirate attack had taken the life of one the rebellions finest. Another friend had been lost.

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