Rubber Ducky Healthcare, LLC.

Gentlebeings and Associates,

Have you been neglecting your health? Irritated at those surgical droids' lack of bedside manner? Or perhaps you're just ready to give your physical wellbeing the attention it deserves.

Our Services

Rubber Ducky Healthcare offers comprehensive mental and physical healthcare. Our services include preventive health, family and internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology (limited to sexual humanoid species), general surgery and cybernetics, psychiatry and psychotherapy, and forensic pathology. Fees are negotiable; barter and payment plans are available! Contact Aierobu at RubberDuckyHealth.Holonet for further information, inquiries, or to set your appointment today!

Droid Services

If you were born in a robotics facility instead of a birthing chamber, no matter! Rubber Ducky Healthcare is here for you as well! We offer state-of-the-art maintenance facilities including lubrication and oil baths, memory expansion, servo replacement, power pack reconditioning, and more! We will also install any compatible upgrades you provide, and have a variety of modules available for your enhancement. Please Note: Rubber Ducky Healthcare respects the sentience of all beings, including manufactured ones. No droids treated at Rubber Ducky Healthcare will have any portion of their memory removed or altered without their express consent. Any treatments that require alteration of critical memory or personality pathways will be preceded by complementary personality and memory transfer to our specialized holding bank, where you can utilize sensors to observe all work as it's being performed or enjoy a variety of entertainment programmes.


Our Staff

Dr. Melisaande

Dr. Melisaande graduated magna cum laude from the National College of Applied Medical Sciences on Dac. After graduation she leaped into applied medical practice, specializing in the treatment of blunt trauma and blaster injury. She has completed extensive training in the areas of organic-mechanical interfaces including the completion of her scientific publication, "Life Saving Cybernetics in Amphibious Humanoid Species". Her other publications include "100 Uses for Bacta Gel-Tabs when Enteral Administration is Not Possible", and "Redesigning Safety Harnesses aboard Starships based on Observed Usage Patterns".

Our Facilities

Rubber Ducky Healthcare is based from its mobile hospital and flagship, Howard. Immediately recognizable by its rubber-ducky styled maidenhead, Howard features a fifteen bed infirmary as well as an intensive care unit with several bacta tanks. Howard also boasts a full surgical suite and cybernetics workshop for custom orders. Quarters are available for the families of in-patients, making Howard your ideal destination for a medical holiday!

In addition to its flagship, Rubber Ducky Healthcare also owns the high speed medical transport, Donald. Donald features a six bed infirmary and an array of state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment. Donald helps us get you back to health as fast as possible!

Rubber Ducky Healthcare also features a deployable triage infirmary and medical suite! Able to function in most temperate climates, the deployable station features the same high quality healthcare you expect from Rubber Ducky at a location of your choice! When you're expecting mass casualties, think of Rubber Ducky Healthcare to help mitigate those deaths and reduce the amount of paperwork you'll have to do!

Rubber Ducky Healthcare - Where Quality Healthcare and Quacks Swim Together!



Rubber Ducky Healthcare is an accredited non-profit organization. Any communications outside of a scheduled appointment are considered informational only and should not be considered complete or used to advise without first discussing with a licensed physician. The organization is not responsible for any damages or negative outcomes from use of medical appliances or medications provided by the Organization that fall outside the physician's recommendations. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING ANY CYBERNETICS OR MEDICAL APPLIANCES TO BE INSTALLED ELECTIVELY (not for life-saving purpose). The organization is not responsible for any damages or negative outcomes from requested modifications to cybernetics or medical appliances that fall outside the manufacturer's recommended usage guidelines. All applicable fees for service must be paid in full prior to treatment unless prior arrangements have been made. IF YOU ARE HAVING A LIFE THREATENING EMERGENCY, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR NEAREST EMERGENCY MEDICAL CENTER IMMEDIATELY.

Out of Character Notes

As you may have surmised, many of the names are taken from Disney. Please don't sue us.
Howard - The Mobquet, named for Howard the Duck.
Donald - The Z-10 Seeker, named for Donald Duck.
Daisy - The escape pod aboard the Z-10 seeker.
Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Screwy - The four bacta tanks aboard Howard.
Scrooge McDuck - A droid that handles our finances. (to be obtained).
Launchpad - Our Y-Tie Ugly.
Webby - not yet assigned.
Drake Mallard - not yet assigned.

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