Sal Vage' Lug-Zzingnut

Full Name: Sal Vage' Lug-Zzingnut
Titles: Princess of the Zzingnut Empire in the Ours System
Species: Togruta
Age: Unknown, but appears to be quite young for a pilot of her skill
Height: 5' even
First: Squibbian
Second: Togruti
Occupation: Pilot of the Mine, Not Yours
Sal Vage's Journal

History: Originally picked up on a salvage job, Sal was adopted into the Lug family of squibs at the insistence of a young Snarf Narf Lug, who claimed the Togruta tot as "salvage." The name stuck, and soon Sal Vage Lug was going off on salvage chores with the rest of them.

In time, Sal towered over her family but remained close with her adopted big sister. Together the two of them got in and out of trouble, finally culminating in a scheme to steal their parents' ship and take it for a spin. The big ship was unwieldy for Sal to handle alone, but she managed to get them around for a little while while the rest of the family was busy on-world, dealing with the run-up to Haggleday Festivities.

When they got back into orbit, however, Snarf and Sal were stunned to find that in their absence, the entire Lug family had been obliterated, save for Snarf and Sal, safe on the It's Not Stolen, It's Salvage. The ship was far too big for them to safely pilot, but Sal managed to scoot them around until she could secure, with the Squib negotiations prowess of her big sister, a ship of her own, the Mine, Not Yours.

All the sisters have been able to find out about the annihilation of their whole family is that Imperials were at fault. Snarf Narf joined the Rebel Alliance in order to get the opportunity to fight against them, and developed a healthy sense of "kill the bad guy before the bad guy kills you", while Sal Vage, sensitized to the loss of life, opted for a more pacifistic approach. They act as balances for each other.

Sal and Snarf have since been adopted by Jynx and Chichi Zzingnut.

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