Salish Roche

A lanky and somewhat gaunt human in his late teens or early twenties, Salish Roche has about him the look of a spacer. He's tall, with pale skin, shallow blackened eyes and limbs just a tad too long for a regular human being. Despite this look, he is not an unattractive individual and though his physique is somewhat thin, he has tough ropey muscles underneath that support his line of work. While by looks a seemingly dour individual, Sal is, in reality, far from it. He is an easy going individual that, while certainly not lazy or opposed to getting his hands dirty, would much rather sit back and wait for a problem to resolve itself. And yet when roused to action, Roche is a determined and practical man who does his best to keep up with those who surround him.


Salish Roche was born to his parents Lelina and Markus Roche in the outer rim planet of Omereth, a podunk planet with few people and even fewer reasons to visit aside from the seafood. His early life was leisurely, spending much of his time exploring the costs of the archipelago on which he and his family lived. Due to the small size of the towns, the schools themselves where relatively understaffed and underfunded and as a result Sal's education was mostly practical in nature rather then conceptual. As he entered his early teens, he spent his time rotating between working on a fishing craft with his father and helping out at the spaceport to earn a small wage. Eventually he was offered a position on a trading ship and, though initially reluctant, his parents agreed to to allow him to travel. He spent several years doing this and eventually earned himself enough credits to buy his own ship and begin exploring the deepest regions of known space and beyond.

When the rebellion first broke out, Sal was still a teenager, about 16, and while he supported their cause and felt for their plight he did not ever intend to join up. This issue was somewhat forced however when, after completing a hyperspace jump, he landed in the middle of a skirmish between a Rebel team and an Imperial patrol. Without a second thought, the Imperials began firing upon his ship. Sal began returning fire on the Imperial Ships and, with Sal's help, the Rebels managed to destroy the Imperial Patrol. During the fight, Sal's ship had taken quite a bit of damage and the Rebels offered to tow him back to a port. This began his relationship with the Rebel Alliance. Since then he has worked on and off again with the Rebel Alliance, bouncing between acting as a forward scout and lending his blaster to their conflicts.


(This is mostly for me, in case I loose any of the sheets)
Blaster Pistol (4D dmg)
One Week's Concentrated Rations
Blaster Rifle (5D dmg)
Blast Vest (+1 to resist energy damage, +1D to resist )
Blaster Rifle (5D dmg, permanently set to stun)
Robot Parrot
Storm Trooper's Armour and Carbine
Defender Blaster Pistol (3D+1 dmg)
Rancor Tooth
Black Robed Outfit
Sith Lightsaber
Winged Rancor Tooth
Flash Medpac
Camp Councilor's outfit
Mynock Egg

Gear Bag w/
Power Scanner
Starship Toolkit
Laser Welder

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