Sample Collection

…or Collecting Flowers on Mindor.

The Rebel Alliance has gathered together a small band of rebels to scout out the planet Mindor for two reasons. First they need to check in on a small rebel listening post that was stationed there has not been heard from and is overdue reporting back by 3 months. Secondly with their cover as a scientific survey team, they are to travel to the planet and take various measurements and samples for study from multiple sites.

The rebel team had planned on taking samples from various sites that had been the center of several bombardments. Namely, the old imperial outpost, a location near the current rebel outpost, one of the poles, the location where the last Squinok died, and two of the planets population centers, and two remote locations.

The first location the landed at was the old Imperial outpost. Now in ruins from a rebel bombardment, the were able to collect samples/readings of the soil, water, radiation levels, and searched the base for anything useful. They realized that some plant life around the area was beginning to grow back, although animal life in the immediate vicinity was still very low. After performing a search they realized that the base’s reactor was still leaking, and that nothing was salvageable there.

The second location they went to was the rebel outpost. As they entered a strange feeling came over the team members, one of them lashed out at another for a perceived slight. That person then backed away from the base sensing something dark and amiss. Several others entered the base to find it dark and filled with death. It seemed that the rebels literally tore each other apart. Dried blood, and broken equipment lay everywhere. The weapons were still holstered. Taking samples of the area, the group did detect several bat-like creatures that seemed to have made a collapsed area of the base home. They managed to capture two and returned with them as samples.

After a brief altercation between several of the team members, they decided to swing over the southern pole on the way to site three, the location of the last of the Squinoks.

Flying over the southern pole their Ship Sensors started to foul up due to the magnetic and atmospheric conditions. However, they did detect a large metallic mass up ahead and as they continued to fly towards it they noticed two small starfighters approaching. Those two split into four, and then split again into a total of six starfighters. Some of the fuzziness of the sensors disappeared briefly as the starfighters seemed to pass through some form of energy shield. TIE Fighters! Continuing to approach as the crew felt they could handle six TIE fighters, until three of them acquired missile locks. The rebel crew managed to avoid two of the missiles but the third impacted the ship, luckily the hull and shields held. Deciding that flight was the better part of valor, the Rebels then fled the system. A parting salvo of missiles from the TIEs and a single large laser blast from the planet missed their ship as they parted for hyperspace.

Upon returning from the planet, the rebel team turned over the samples, and informed command of the status of the rebel base as well as a new possible Imperial Base. Rebel command was unaware of the Imperial presence as they had received no tips on this from their spies.

Taylor Castel Report

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