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I dont think they should worry. Unless of course they piss you off… Have you thought about living off-base?

LOL! It might help if R2-FU did not think that the slightest wrong move was going to blow himself to bits. That kind of constant stress just isnt good for a droid as they dont have the adrenaline to conteract the fear. You might want to look into either giving him his own closet or crate or somewhere safe that he can escape to, let him stay somewhere else, or just store him deactivated. I know those R2 units can be a bit quirky, but they sure do come in useful at times. You might also consider some counseling for him to try to get his fear of you reduced so that he can be more useful when you are there. Might just take him having confidence in your abilities to not blow up things you dont want to blow up and convincing him that you dont want to blow him up!

The ship is still a mess. Needs major major cleaning. I dont get grossed out easily, but after having the UV on in my helmet during the boarding of the ship, even I dont want to touch the floors walls or ceilings in the main room and cabins with my bare skin till they've been bleached thuroughly. That should also lighten it up some as while I like red, the deep blood red is a bit depressing. It will be much better with a pink interior. And I still have to get the stage removed and the pool replaced. According to specs, it should be a wading pool on the observation deck, and the view from there is amazing.

Unfortunately, it is going to take a lot to get it all remodeled. Then I need to get at least one set of guns installed (I think a quad-turbolaser installation on a retractible turret would get us all hot, but that would be at least 36k plus installation, so I may have to wait on that). The way my cred flow goes, I may need to do some fundraising.

I hope to get it cleaned up and fixed up in time for my 21st birthday. Then I can host a home-warming and 21st birthday party! Of course, you're always welcome to come over and hang out or help out anytime.

Ooooo! A present!? I love presents! Cant wait to see what it is!

Speaking of presents… I heard a rumor that you wanted to send special presents to some associates of your hubby's… It occurred to me that if you did, you might be suspected… So I was thinking maybe if you prepared the 'presents', I could take care of the wrapping and shipping. Just make 4 instead of 3, and have one of them be a dud, and I think we can keep all suspicion from you ;)


P.S. Almost forgot, I think I settled on the new name for the ship. What do you think of "Lord's Folley"?

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