Sara's 21st Birthday/Homewarming Party

Sara Starsider’s Home Warming and 21st Birthday Party

Date: Conception V Seminar
Those in Attendance:
ChiChi Zzingnut
Choth Tamith
Corbin Maxx
Darius “Slik” Wade
Darrik De’Louth
Fen Bel Iblis
Jericho Hunter
Kel Tempor
Lyta “Crash” Miris
Sara Starsider

Statistics (on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being not at all and 10 being out of this galaxy)
Average Drunkeness: 5.75
Average Friendliness: 5.79

Location: The Lord’s Folly (modified Luxury 3000), in the breathable atmosphere of an uninhabited planet with a great sunset not far from the fleet. Coordinates and time were given in advance along with information that if they arrived late the ship would be at about 10,000 feet up in a very very low orbit for most of the party.

Setting: Entering the ship finds a short corridor that opens into the recreation room where the floor, walls, and ceiling are covering in pastel pink plush and there are multicolored streamers strung around from permanently mounted eyelets around the room. There is a column in the center of the room with a Droideka droid with a name tag saying “Nestle” on it (the droid seems to be deactivated for the party), and on the other side is a life sized plushy squib chained up in hand and ankle manacles. In one corner of the recreation room is a human skeleton on a stand (medical type display, but wearing a pink party hat). There are also a couple of makeshift tables consisting of a board suspended from the ceiling by chains. Fast dance music is playing in the recreation room. A siak series protocol droid with a name tag saying “SP-69” is greeting everyone and will bring drinks (although he does not know how to mix drinks. There are 4 cabins, only 1 of which is locked, 1 of the others has a king sized bed and the other 2 have full sized beds. The cockpit is currently locked. A spiral staircase goes up from the recreation room to the observation deck. On the observation deck, the view is amazing out all the windows in all directions and the skylight, and the interior lights are very dim. In the center of the room is installed a high end 4 person hot tub with multiple adjustable air and water jets, above the tub is a sign that says “Birthday Suits Only Allowed in the Hottub”. There are black columns around the room, a bar with 2 taps of beer, and a clear sliding door at the back of the room that lets out to an open patio deck with a railing. Soft slow music is playing on the observation deck.

The Hostess: For those that don’t remember, Sara Starsider is a human female, about 4’ 8” tall and 90 lbs, with long blonde hair and big blue eyes. At the start of the party she is wearing a silver leme dres and shoes that looks like liquid silver. The dress is strapless, sleeveless, and tight form fitting from just above the midline of her breasts down to her shins but has slits to mid thigh on both sides. Her hair is worn back in a pony tail for the party, and she is wearing gold bracelets and a gold necklace with a sapphire pendant that hangs into her cleavage. She will great each arrival very cheerfully with a hug and a kiss, and thank them for coming to the party.

Disclaimer: I in no way claim to be a great writer, and this description of the party is based on the feedback I received on the surveys and on some discussions to clarify a few things from there. It is also a mostly general point of view, but skewed slightly towards Sara centric as it was her party. Arrival order was determined randomly for the most part. On the wiki posting of this, participating people are welcome to edit sections as related to their character.

The Party: As people arrive, Sara greets each guest by the entrance to the recreation room from the main airlock.

Kas’Tor and Jericho both are picked up by the fleet before Sara has R2-B0B go to the meeting spot since they had both indicated they had a LOT of alcohol to load up the bar with (anyone seeing the ship being loaded would have seen multiple crates being loaded). Their greetings of course would be before they left the bay. Both would be given big hugs and kisses on their cheeks (of course, she has to jump up to reach their cheeks). “Thank you both sooooo much. Now we can really have a party! And yes Kas’Tor, the galley is stocked with waffles for later. And Jericho, we will have to see where the night leads, but I appreciate the offer.”

Once at the meeting place, Fen and Lyta arrive together 1st, each handing Sara a package. Sara hugs them both individually and gives them each a kiss on the cheek, “You really didn’t have to get me anything!” then opens the packages. Upon seeing the bracelet from Lyta, “It’s wonderful! The perfect way to commemorate my first ship! Thank you so much!” Then she opens the larger package from Fen, and a wicked smile pops onto her face as she pulls out the high heeled knee high steel toed boots, “Wow! I didn’t expect any men to appreciate my new fighting style! Thank you so much!”
Kas’Tor and Jericho have already started drinking and music is already playing. Jericho cringes slightly at the sight of the boots and Sara’s pleasure at receiving them.

Choth arrives next in nice casual clothes carrying a case of wine. Sara takes the wine and hands it to SP-69 to take upstairs to the bar. “Thank you Choth! You didn’t need to bring an entire case!” and she gives him a strong hug, then jumps up to give a kiss on the cheek.
Next to arrive is Chimara wearing a relaxing cocktail black dress with silver pendant and bracelets. Sara takes the proffered bottle gratefully, and gives Chimara a hug and a kiss on each cheek. “Thank you very much!” The bottle is then sent up to the bar.

Corbin shows up next wearing black informal diplomatic robes and carrying a bag of chips n dip. Sara hands the bag to SP-69, instructing him to set them up somewhere. Then turns back to Corbin, lifts his chin slightly to close his mouth and reaim his gaze, “Thank you Corbin.” Then she gives him a big smile followed by a gentle hug and a kiss aimed for his cheek.
Darrik shows up in a Correlian cut suit carrying package which he hands to Sara as she meets him. She opens it to reveal an automated food processor. “Cool! Now I don’t have to keep eating rations when I’m home alone! Thank you so very much Darrik!” And she gives him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Stinky shows up wearing clean camo BDU’s a matching balaclava and a fresh cinnamon air freshener. She offers her services for droid programming/repair, and Sara gives her a big hug, lifting her off the ground slightly. “Thank you! There is a lot I would like for them to be able to do, but I don’t want to impose too much. We’ll have to work something out later!”

Next to show up are Jynxie and ChiChi. Jynxie is wearing a black mesh halter dress with a skull and crossbones two piece underneath and some sexy boots besides the squib. ChiChi is wearing a loose fitting shirt, with the front opened down displaying his gorgeous chest fur (the chick dig it) and showing off some gold chains with some loose fitting pants (don't want to mat down the fur by wearing tights), as well as knee high boots as they just look cool and a sash would be the final accessory (besides Jynx) to his ensemble. ChiChi hands Sara a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine, which she takes and gives him a kiss on the top of his head, keeping some distance from his hands. “Thank you Maurice, they are very nice!” Then Jynxie, who seems to be slightly tipsy already, hands over a box of what appear to be candles as she gives Sara a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Sara smiles, “Should I use these on the cake, or save them for another occasion? Either way, thank you!” Then she will give Jynxie a big hug for a few seconds and then a kiss. “I’m still working on getting you a wedding present, its just being difficult to find the right present.”

Slik shows up in the airlock next, wearing an evening blue shirt open in the front (pirate style) with royal blue pants and a dark blue sash with a chrome heavy blaster in a low slung thigh holster on his right side. He bows with a florish to greet Sara and hands her a potted geranium, a bottle of wine, and a small piece of paper. She curtsies back and accepts the gifts, “Thank you very much! I hope I don’t kill the plant.” And she’ll give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek as well.

ChiChi is already trying to get a game of Pazaak going, and people have started getting some drinks. Others are talking and still making the hello rounds. SP-69 wandering about making sure people have what they want.

Then Mrrvyn shows up wearing a royal blue finely crafted senatorial type robes and carrying a small gold box. Mrrvyn gives a very formal greeting, which Sara attempts to give what she thinks might be a proper reply (probably very far off). He hands her the box. Sara takes the box and starts smiling, “You really didn’t have to get me anything this nice or expensive…” She slowly opens the lid and peeks inside. A slightly surprised expression passes over her face, her smile going into a giggle before she remembers who it is from, snapping the box shut before anyone not right next to her could see into it. Then she composes herself into a very serious and formal look, and gives him a very formal looking curtsy. But she can’t maintain the serious for more than a few seconds and jumps up to give the tall stately furball a hug around his chest. “Thank you very much! It’s perfect!”

Once Mrrvyn comes in, Sara turns and starts “B0B…” but is interrupted by another person showing up at the airlock.

Turning around again, she does a double take. Walking in appears to be Slik again, but his outfit is green instead of blue, and offering a potted barab cactus and a different bottle. Everyone looks around the recreation room and Slik is not there. Sara takes the gifts with a slightly confused look, “Weren’t you already here?”. “Nope, I just got here. I promise not to damage the ship while I’m aboard too.” Sara still looks slightly confused, but says as she takes the offered gifts “Thank you. Come on in, we were just about to take off for the sunset cruise.” And she gives him a hug as well.

As he goes on into the room, Sara looks around again, still only the green Slik in view down here. Shaking her head briefly, she starts again in a low voice “B0B, take us up to the sunset, but like I said, keep us in the breathable air, no more than 10,000 foot altitude.” Then she speaks up more so that everyone can hear “It’s time to PARRR-TAYY!!”

Sara dances over to the middle of the room, “Everyone should come on down here. We’re going to get the ceremony out of the way first.” With that Sara uses Nestle for a throne and SP-69 brings out a large ice cream cake with 21 candles on it, sits it on the makeshift table in front of her, and everyone sings a version of Happy Birthday (I’m guessing several different versions will be sung simultaneously). The flames on the candles sparkle a little oddly, causing everyone to step back, and when she tries to blow them out, it takes several attempts, and even then several of them relight after she got them out. Sara wags a finger at Jynxie about that. Then not only will we have cake, but we will then each get some to eat!

After the cake is done, the music starts back up and some people dance while some people socialize. Fast dancing downstairs, slow dancing and more intimate interactions on the observation deck and patio deck. The bar up on the observation deck seems to almost be overflowing with various types of alcohol, almost any kind of mixed drink one wants is available if you know how to mix it. Chips and dip are also available. Seating seems to be a bit sparse (only about a half dozen chairs are in the ship, but the floor is soft in the recreation room.
People keep getting confused, sometimes Slik is wearing blue, then a few minutes later he is wearing green. And he seems to be able to get between the upstairs and downstairs faster than anyone else. Most who don’t know better, think that he must have color changing clothes or something, or maybe it is just all the alcohol. Some of the women may also notice that when Slik is wearing green he seems to be a little drunker and more ‘friendly’.

Sara starts dancing downstairs with the fast music while having some to drink and will dance with anyone who comes over, talking to them while dancing. For a while Sara stays downstairs shaking what she’s got to the music, bumping and grinding to the music, being seen dancing with at least Jynxie and ChiChi, Choth, Corbin, Jericho, and Kas’tor at various times.

Everyone is having a good time when someone comes in from the main airlock, there is the sound of one pair of heavy boots coming down the corridor and a mechanical beathing that most have heard at some point or other. Around the corner steps Darth Vader himself, with his hands up. In his deep mechanical voice he demands “Who is the captain of this ship? I have come to surrender myself as I tire of this eternal fighting and would rather party.” There is stunned silence for a minute before Sara says “See, I told you all, whenever you’re suppose to take it easy, it turns out to be a trap.” Then several people leap to attack him in hand to hand of various sorts, knocking him off his feet. Stinky and several others however, start shouting “Wait! Something’s not right! It’s not really him!” Fairly quickly the helmet is removed to reveal Slik’s face.

The party resumes again, now with Slik/Vader dancing away with everyone for a while (being a lot more friendly than Slik had been before). A little bit later Slik/Vader ducts out for a minute.

Vader shows up through the airlock again. ChiChi walks right up to Vader this time and starts pressing the lighted buttons on Vader’s chest plate, “5000 credits I said, now where is my money you damn machine!”. Vader looks down at him and in that mechanical voice says “What do you think you are doing? I will crush you for your insolence!”. ChiChi looks up briefly, still poking away at the lighted buttons, “I’m trying to get my 5000 credits out of this ATM machine, but it seems to be broken. Do you have my 5000 credits?”. About that time, Slik (wearing green) comes out of the refresher, looks over and spots Vader, “Hey! Who is that??”.

Again there is some confusion and people take defensive stances, but this time they wait till those more sensitive speak up and say that, no this is not Vader either. Vader protests in his mechanical voice, promising death and dismembership to all if they don’t believe him and allow him to surrender to the captain of this ship. “If that’s what you want, then you happen to be in luck. I am the captain of this ship, and we DO in fact have the capability to hold prisoners.” With that Sara goes into the supply closet and some clinking and clanking can be heard. She comes back out holding four chains with cuffs at the end of each, and everyone again notices the anchor points on the walls, floor, and ceiling in the room. As Sara approaches with the chains, Vader starts to back away, then clears his throat, “um, ok, so I’m not Vader either.” He then takes off the helmet and mask to reveal Lans Garner. There are some looks of surprise around as Lans says, “No I didn’t die. I was captured, but I escaped my cell and stumbled into Vader’s dressing room where I appropriated this disguise and just escaped. The Rebel base said I could find most of the Crucible Rebels at this party. I thought just showing up might surprise you all and when I saw Slik show up in that Vader outfit, I figured it would work to get me in. Sorry for the confusion. I have a lot of secret information. Who wants to deal a blow to the Empire?” There are mixed reactions from the other guests of the party, but overall, it seems that this may have just been too much for them to swallow, and eventually Lans laughs and peals off his face to reveal that it was just another mask covering Slik’s face. “Sorry, but I thought it would be a great jest to liven things up.” Says Slik/Lans/Vader. At that point people realize that there are now 2 Slik’s in the room. When people start looking back and forth, Slik/Lans/Vader will laugh again and say “Ha! Gotchya!” peeling up the corner of fake skin on his neck. “I’m not Slik, that is over there. I’m just an actor he hired to help him with his jokes for the party!”

Soon the party goes back to normal for a while. Sara will excuse herself from the recreation room to go up and socialize with those in the quieter observation deck and patio, talking with people up there and watching the sunset for a while (seems the ship starts where the sun can be seen about to set, waits till after it sets, then moves to where the sun can be seen to set all over again, repeatedly). By this time a good portion of the guests are all drunk, and several have gotten into the hottub. Sara joins those in the hottub for a little bit, showing how nice the jets are to some, teasing others a bit, and splashing most, except Jynxie who tries the tub for a little bit. While ChiChi has a table set up playing pazaak. Then they get out, dries off, and get dressed.

By this time Sara, Jynxie, ChiChi, Kas’tor, Jericho, Corbin, and Darrik are all getting fairly drunk. Fen and Lyta are being social with people, but are wandering about mostly as a couple, sometimes taking a break from the others to dance a slow dance together. Jynxie and ChiChi slip out to the patio deck to slow dance as well, watching the sun set on the horizon.

There is more drinking, dancing (mostly downstairs, but probably some sharing a slow dance or two upstairs with some people), and talking (though speech is getting a little slurred). SP-69 seems to be getting a little harried trying to keep up bringing drinks, and has to explain several times that he does not know how to make mixed drinks but that he would be more than happy to show the requesting individual to the bar and they can make whatever they want.

Stinky says that she needs to get going, so Sara asks B0B to take the ship back to where everyone parked. As people start saying bye to Stinky, the sound of the airlock is heard again.

This time an old man in dark robes, face barely visible in the cowl shows up (Emperor Palpatine). “Where is Vader? He cannot escape me! Tell me now or you will all die!” Looking around, Actor/Slik/Lans/Vader is no where to be seen, only green Slik is still here. Soon the Emperor is dancing on the dance floor as well, showing some fancy moves.

Stinky actually gets through her goodbyes this time, explaining that she is sorry she could not stay longer, but she had a lot to do. Sara will thank her again for coming and give her a hug before letting her go.
Sara will then tell B0B “Park the ship and join the party!” then turns to everyone else, “Don’tt worry, tthee party is’t over yet. We still have plenty of night left to party away! And more tthan enough liquor to make a herd of banthha’s pass out!” B0B will come out of the cockpit and start going around the party, making conversation with anyone who seems to understand him.

The beat goes on, the Emperor slips out quietly. Chimara finds that she has to circle around the inside of the ship to keep the drunken passes (which are getting less and less subtle) from Jericho and Corbin away from her. Sara doesn’t seem to mind the passes much, but is still making an attempt to be the host and talk to most people, even though it is getting apparent that she is on her way to being almost as drunk as they.

ChiChi still has several people playing Pazaak, and it seems is now playing against another squib, causing some to do a double take. Those that do, realize that the other squib is the plushy squib that started the party chained to the post. It is now sitting at the table holding a drink and with some chips next to him. Any that look closer, notice the fake squib has a winning hand!

Again the airlock is heard, with a sigh, Sara turns towards the entrance, then she stops in shock, dropping her drink from her hand. Standing in the entrance is a man in full helmeted bounty hunter armor. “Hello daughter. I brought you a pony for your birthday!” Everyone else sees that behind the figure on a rope is a white four legged animal (pony). Jynxie and several others are trying to get Sara’s attention while several others are asking the man in armor who he is. Tears start running down Sara’s face, and she turns and runs for her cabin, door closing behind her. Jynxie running after her.

“Um, that wasn’t nearly the reaction I was hoping for.” Says Slik as he takes off the helmet. Several glasses get thrown at him with varying degrees of success (most missing, but at least 1 hitting him square in the forehead). Slik goes and gets out of the armor at the insistence of several of the other guests. The pony just stands in the entrance to the room.

Jynxie knocks on the door to Sara’s cabin, “It isn’t him, it was just Slik again.” And those close to that area of the ship may hear back, “I know, he was too tall, I’ll be out in a minute. It was just a bit of a surprise.”

After a few minutes, Sara comes back out, looking composed again. “Back to the party people! Don’t worry, I’m fine… W-what the frell is that??” the last part accompanied by a finger pointing at the white pony, “and why is it on my ship?”

“I think he called it a pony.” Several people say. Sara’s response is only, “Slik better take it back with him. Now, everyone, let’s keep partying! It’s a night of celebration!”

The party continues, some of the heavier drinkers start to pass out and the music volume is lowered to let those who are still conscious talk or interact better. SP-69 will bring it to the attention of any of the conscious people if someone passes out in the hottub so that they can be pulled out.

Sara seems to be getting back into the party, but is drinking more than before and not talking as much. If anyone asks about the last impersonation, she will just say it was nothing, just the alcohol taking her by surprise, don’t worry about it.

Two more people show up within the next hour or so, 1st Youngston Townster, but he no more than walks in before he is shoed out. Then Ran Dather shows up to interview people about an ongoing expose of new ship owners and their satisfaction level. Sara will actually talk to Ran Dather, albeit very drunkenly, and seems to be making a show of enjoying the interview, taking the investigative news reporter away from his line of questioning on weird tangents that might have fit on a planet where some know Alice lives.

The party will start to thin out after another hour or so, Sara saying goodbye to each person leaving, giving them a hug and a kiss again, but this time the placements of the kiss are not quite as careful, being more of wherever (which tends to be on most people’s shoulder, chest, or leg depending on height). She never asks anyone to leave, but eventually she passes out downstairs, and the remaining people are left to either show themselves out or crash either in one of the other 3 cabins or on the floor somewhere. Jynxie or Mrrvyn takes Sara to her cabin and puts her in her bed before leaving. In the morning, Sara either gets up late or when someone knocks on the door to her cabin, then will verify there is no one on the patio before telling R2-B0B to take the ship back to the fleet. When Jericho wakes up, Sara will ask him “Where did you find a lampshade to wear as a hat?”

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