Sara's Pre-Rebel Background

Planet of Origin

Sienarra VI, a high gravity world in the far outer rim in the arm of the galaxy beyond The Centrality. The system’s star is a large yellow star. It is the only inhabited planet of the system, and also the only one with any resources of any value at all. The population is mostly human, with most of the humans being very short, blonde haired, and having large blue eyes. The population is sparse and generally agricultural with some mining and other trades, but basically just enough to make the world mostly self sufficient. There is one old starport on the planet, and it is rumored to be where the first colonists landed. Traffic to and from the planet is not restricted, but it is not on any trade or public transport routes, so traffic is very low. Tech level is a mix of older space age and basic agricultural. Exports: Grain. Imports: Tech and droids. Total Population: 100,000 (85% near human)

Family and Background

Sara’s mother was Trella, who was a cantina dancer slave owned by the owner of the cantina until Zurgon Starsider met her and purchased her from the cantina. She was the only person who could ever make Zurgon smile. Trella seemed to not care that she was a slave as she enjoyed dancing and entertaining people. She was always cheerful and had a beautiful smile on her face.

Sara’s father is Zurgon Starsider, a very stern and grim bounty hunter and also filled in on the planet as an officer of what few laws it had. He is one of the few locals that leaves planet regularly as he sometimes escorts the people that go out to trade for higher tech items than can be made locally. He is never seen in public without his armor and weapons on, and only removes his helmet when eating in public. The only time he has been seen to smile is while watching Trella. He purchased Trella from the cantina and gave her her freedom in the local records (although neither Trella or he ever made any mention of it, so most assumed she was his slave).

Sara’s older sister is Kerry Starsider. Kerry was born about 15 years before Sara, and Trella raised her to be cheerful and helpful to others. Zurgon had no use for Kerry, and ignored her completely. Kerry ended up getting married to a local boy (a few hundred miles away) when she was 16, only a year after Sara was born, so Sara and her never really saw much of each other or even really knew much about each other as they only saw each other once a year or so.

When Sara was born, Zurgon did not seem to have any use for her either, but Trella loved her and cared for her.

When Sara was only about 4 years old, an Imperial Bounty Hunter came through looking for her father while he was out. It seemed that Zurgon had killed someone or interfered in something the Imperials did not like. Trella refused to cooperate, so the hunter shot her. Sara was hiding under the bed. She heard it all, saw their feet, and then saw her mother’s body fall to the ground after the blaster fired. Zurgon came in only a couple of minutes later and shot down the hunter without a word.
Zurgon then took his helmet off and knelt next to Trella’s lifeless form, a single tear ran down his cheek. Then he saw Sara still hiding under the bed and wiped the tear away, all emotion once again gone. “You can come out now. There is cleaning up to be done.” Was all he said. Sara burst into tears and rushed to her mother’s side. Zurgon let her cry there while he wordlessly searched the hunter’s body, removing anything useful, then took the body out of the dwelling. When he returned a little while later, Sara was still crying on her mother. He gently lifted her to stand up, “Your mother no longer dwells here, she is everywhere and nowhere now. We will bury her and then you will cry for her no more, but only remember the good of her.”

The next day he left Sara in the care of the household droids with the supply closet filled, taking all his weapons with him. It was a month before he returned, and he never said anything about where he went or what he did, but he never spoke of Trella or the events of her death again. When he returned he merely looked at Sara and said in that same grim tone that it was time for her to start training.

Training apparently meant he had decided to take her as an apprentice in bounty hunting. He was hard on her, pushing her physically, emotionally, and mentally. Making her into a hunter, cool and hard. Emotions were to be controlled, pain endured, they were only distractions. He taught her the good of using distractions to her advantage though as well, though he did not realize he taught her that. Zurgon’s approach to hunting was very direct, find the target and attack.
Kerry’s visits became even less often, and often ended with Kerry being dragged out of the house by her husband as she was yelling and screaming at Zurgon about his callousness. Her husband did not seem certain that Zurgon might not just shoot them both if she managed to actually break through his shell.

But Sara did remember her mother’s joy of life and that you have to enjoy yourself. She just learned quickly to hide her emotions from her father, lest she feel the backside of his hand.

On her 16th birthday Zurgon got her up and told her to gather all her stuff, they were going on a hunt. They went in towards the more civilized sections of the galaxy and he renewed his bounty hunting license and got her one. Then they went after a bounty.

Zurgon made her do all the work, just following and correcting where needed. The bounty was dead or alive. He made her kill the target. Once it was done and they collected the bounty, he handed the bounty over to her.
“My obligation is over. You can take care of yourself now.” Then he just turned around and left her standing there. When she got to the port, it was just in time to see his ship taking off.

From there on out, Sara was on her own. Fortunately she had been left on a planet with frequent dealings with other worlds, so she was able to move about and see the galaxy some. With her father not around, she was able to enjoy herself openly for the first time since she was 4. She did in fact enjoy the rush of combat, and blasting things, she just was more expressive than her father, so she was able to enjoy making a living as a bounty hunter. Besides, she was able to explore and see the galaxy, there was a lot more out there than the little backwater planet she came from! So she embarked on her new life and never looked back.

By the time she was about to turn 18, she had seen enough of the galaxy to see the atrocities that the empire seemed to be causing even if they denied them. She had started to be a bit more selective in the jobs she took, and try to improve the galaxy rather than just watch it be ground into darkness.

As it happened, on her 18th birthday she got a job with a group that turned out to be part of the growing rebel alliance. Since then she has worked almost exclusively on jobs for them. However, she has no intention of ever joining their military officially as that kind of authority over her just reminds her of her father too much. Besides, as a contractor she gets to give commands to anyone she wants to if she wants.

Last Known Family Status

Father: Zurgon Starsider, 5’ tall, in his 50’s now, very very stern and grim bounty hunter, Trella was the only person who could make him smile, killed the Imperial Bounty Hunter that killed Trella, had no use for children. Last seen when Sara was 16 as he left her on her own and went back presumably to Sienarra VI.
Mother: Trella, 4’ 6” tall, a cantina dancer (freed slave), seemed to always remain cheerful and smiling no matter what was going on, was killed by an Imperial Bounty Hunter for protecting Zurgon.
Sister: Kerry Starsider, 15 years older, slightly taller than Sara (4’10”), very cheerful and happy personality, was never close to Sara though, was happily married to a farmer on Sienarra VI when last seen by Sara.

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