Sara's Reply

If you can, run off with the hubby for a little vacation. You deserve it.

It is really nice to be clean and have a real shaver to use and my own bed to sleep in. However, after those months together, my bed seems huge and empty. Half-way through the first night back I had to go and grab the plushy squib to keep me company. I guess I really should come up with a name for it too. I'm having trouble thinking of a good name for him though… I dont want to use a name that ChiChi has in his litany of names and titles. Any suggestions?

The scar does make you look tougher, and once it heals the rest of the way it should not be as noticable. Everyone seems to get scars around here, so I dont think any of them will think badly about it. I would not worry too much about hubby, I am sure that he will love you no matter what happens to your looks. And if he does say anything derogatory about it, just let me know and I'll have a little conversation with him about it.

Jynxie's reply 10-27-08

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