Sara's Reply 08-23-08

Not really offering ownership, but just letting you know that you are always welcome to visit. Nestle has been told you are allowed to come and go as you please. Or give a call and I can come visit, I'm sure I can get you off base if you need to get out every once in a while as well.

I hate to say this, but you may need to clear FU's memory and try starting over with him. Probably best to do it sooner rather than later before he blows a circuit…

Actually it has nothing to do with how we got the ship, but more to do with how we get some of our best clothes ;) The Dirty Dark Hole was the name the previous owner had for it, and I dont want to risk his reputation preceding my arrival anywhere.

If you're insane, then I must be as well, cause you seem sane enough to me! And I'll gladly help you with the AT-AT's, but we'll need to blow up any speederbikes we see on the way. I think they are working together…

There's an old saying, "Home is where the heart is." I can't say I've considered going back where I came from. My home is here now. But if you feel you want to go back home for a visit, then you should. Not sure what you left behind there, but it sounds like you are not certain it is safe to go back. If you want support, let me know.

Sorry dear, but you mumble some in your sleep, and between what you mumble in your sleep and the rumors on base about your hubby, it wasnt hard to figure out. I think in some societies they are Sister-Wives, but you might call them wife-in-laws as well. Not sure what the accepted terms for them in squib society are. We can call them whatever you want since they aren't here. As for the plan, you're right, my mistake, we need to make it 5 packages 2 of which are duds. That way we keep the suspicions down on you and your hubby. If you have someone you think would be a good mark, then maybe we could even leave some evidence in the packages to lead back to them… ;)

Yep, the party should be lots of fun!

As to the pool, well, since I have to have it completely rebuilt, it will be as deep or shallow as I have it built to be (within the limitations of the space of course). I was thinking about 3 foot deep, and maybe get some jets and bubbles put in like a hot tub. Why? I noticed you didnt swim at the hotel, but I thought it was just being distracted by the massuese droid. — oh, and that reminds me, when I get a chance I'm gonna try to get SP-69's hands upgraded and get him the skillware to give massages. I plan on the ship being at least as comfortable and with at least the amenities that we had in that hotel room. No reason to live in squalor if I can help it. :)


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