Sara's Reply 10-27-08

Yep same one that you squibbums set free and set up playing pazaak. And no, its fur is not as soft as the real thing, and not as warm and fun as a real person. However, it does have the benefit of not shedding as much either ;)

Poor FU, he was just starting to calm down some from his fear of you too! He might short circuit if he keeps getting stressed out like that. I missed B0B and 69 as well, but their conversations dont always make much sense. I think they were starting to think I was not coming back and they owned the ship.

Thanks for the offer. We'll definately have to have some more cheerful activities. You're welcome to join me over here anytime as well… The hot tub is very nice on sore muscles… . You know, we should park our ships by each other when we are not on missions. Then we could hop over and visit whenever we wanted! Nestle already has you programed as friendly with full access.

As to what we did…
1. We didn't have anywhere to go but through him.
2. After loosing T'Thokk and not being able to do anything to those that killed him, that man was not leaving that planet alive. We were not going to let you go un-avenged. It's nothing you wouldn't have done if it was one of us… except of course we were unable to blow him up.
3. You are never a liability.

And as to the last point, I guess it does… but Nut Busters I think has a better ring to it than Cnut Busters;)

BFF, Sister, Nut Buster, and the cutest blonde you know — Sara

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