Sara's Reply Back To Sis

Sorry I didnt pick up before. I was working on getting the last of the new stains out on the ship from the party, and I didnt hear the comm go off.

Just about have everything cleaned up, it wasnt as bad as I had expected it to be. Of course I did not expect there to be any animal waste, and yet there was. I told Slik he needed to clean that up before he left, and he did. I hope he realized how unhappy I was with him for what he did.

I'm glad to hear you're moving out of base. I think they were thinking of restricting my access after they saw my last delivery to you… Glad to hear R2-FU is starting to calm down there with you too.

As to the sleep-over, it sounds like a wonderful idea. I cant wait to see your place. :)

You really didnt have to get me anything else. The support you gave during my breakdown was more than I could ever have asked for. I'm sure though that I'll love it whatever it is.

I'm gonna get you a belated wedding present, maybe I can get it in time to bring it over.

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