Sara Starsider

Cute Gun-Bunny and Interpersonal Relationship Specialist

Rebel Rank: Colonel

Known Aliases:

Kerry Kibblesworth (Diplomatic Courier from Senator's Office on Correlia)
Kerry Enocc (from Alderon)
Sola Targon (Tech)
Jenny Twotongues (Pirate and criminal - no ID)
Kune Ingis (holo-porn star)
Others as needed (some she doesnt even tell crewmates about)


Female, Human/Near Human, Approx 4' 8" tall barefooted, Approx 90 lbs + what she is or isnt wearing, Big Sparkling Blue Eyes (if not covered), Long Straight Blonde Hair (usually in pigtails or pinned up if not covered by anything), Well toned and athletic slim build. Usually very perky and cheerful, sometimes even been known to be giggling while blasting away in the middle of combat. A very observant person may notice, when her bare back is visible, that there are several faint scars on her back.


Casual Situations:

Usually wearing loose fitting light brown long-sleeved hooded shirt, baggy dark brown pants, and black boots. No obvious weapons visible.

High Society Situations:

Sexy high fashion dress that reveals a lot without actually showing anything, and somehow always does not hinder her arms or legs at all (except for possibly the stilleto heels). Depending on the laws and fashions of the area, may have a heavily engraved and chromed heavy blaster pistol on her hip in a holster built into the dress.

Distracting Look:

Sexy catholic schoolgirl outfit or some other very sexy looking outfit sure to catch any male's eye :)

Combat Look:

5 ft tall red and black colored custom form fitting (most definately female) fully sealed armor bristling with weapons.


Family first (though who she considers family may be a mystery to those who do not know her, and it is indeed a small family).
Rebel Alliance

Friends (in no particular order):

Chirruk (aka Ka-Ching)
Fred Slick
Jynxie* (we seem to have so much in common, we even kick in sync sometimes)
Mathias Cordones
Taylor Castel
T'Thokk (She cried when she heard of his death, even though she was still angry at him for jumping off the speederbike)
Choth Tamith
Chichi Zzingnut (I see why Jynx likes him, but his fur gets everywhere)
Jericho Hunter
Fen Bel Iblis
Lyta "Crash & Burn" Miris
Euri and Kaine Paulson
Lord Zan Tallover of House Mylanta
Lt. Geoff Tarkin
Captain Peugot (Captain of the Wing Guard of Bespin)
the Moff of the Sullustan Sector
Others in the Rebel Alliance


Speeder Bikes


R2-B0B — Astromech Droid
SP-69 — Siak Series Protocol Droid
Nestle — Droideka Destroyer Droid
Spit and Shine — 2 hockey puck sized Polishing Droids


The Lord's Folly


Princess Diviseur - Currently lost on Kalandis, probably in the possesion of Moff Vo.


"Who, me? I'm just an innocent little girl…" BLAST
"Do you really want me to include how you hampered my investigation in my report? I'm sure your superiors will be very interested to hear about it…"
"Speeder bikes are death traps that blow up at some point after I get on them, hopefully after I've already jumped off."
"Why should I have to buy myself fancy clothes? Men seem very willing to buy for me."
"Vacations always go badly, so you should enjoy yourself when the chance presents itself."
"Its always a trap. So prepare and expect the trap, then enjoy yourself while you wait for it to spring, and trap the trappers."


She never talks about where she came from or what her life was like before she turned 18 and showed up at the 1st mission she participated in for the Rebels. Maybe she grew up on a high gravity world in the outer rim that no one has heard of (that would explain her small but strong body) and was trained to be a bounty hunter, but the world may never know.

Rebel History

Sara started working with the Rebel's when she turned 18, and has been working almost exclusively with them since then. She has participated in many missions, most of which were successful.

When she started she was just a straight bounty hunter type- blasters, brawling, and armor. Not a lot of finesse and fairly straight forward. She enjoyed the excitement of combat, but seemed to be bored sometimes between engagements.

She has had the unfortunate luck to have been captured by imperials on at least 2 occasions. At least one time of which she lost all of her original bounty hunting equipment. Between that and several missions where she had had to leave the heavy armor and weapons behind, she has learned how to use more subtle means to get to her objectives. What's more, she has found that it feels good to be treated like a woman in luxury from time to time and how to not be unarmed even when naked. These have all combined to expand her outlook and make her a bit more balanced when it comes to any mission that involves dealing with other sentients, although she still is not the one to send if you actually want someone to sit down and diplomatically talk through something. She has taken to calling herself an "Interpersonal Relationship Speciallist" but still considers herself a gunbunny most of the time.

She has learned that if it is suppose to be "easy" or a "vacation" or "leave" or whatever, then it most likely is going to be one of the most difficult traps to get out with your skin intact, but while you might want to go in guns blazing, you will most likely have to go in lightly armed if at all, and fight your way out with whatever you can…

Since the loss of her friend T'Thokk, she seems to have become even more passionate in the fight against the Empire, and is taking what pleasure she can when she can (be it blasting Imperials or partying like there's no tomorrow).

Recently she has become close friends with Jynxie, and they have formed their own team they are calling "Nut Busters". Many of the men in the rebellion have cringed at the idea, but others are just worried about the collateral damage they may cause…

After a couple of years working for the Rebels as an independant contractor, Sara dissapeared for about 6 months. When she returned, her ship had been finished with its modifications, and she immediately went to Rebel Command to enlist officially in the Rebellion, wanting to help plan and organize the resistance in the Crucible Sector.

For further info, see Sara's diary below.

Sara's Downtime
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