Dex: 3D+1; blaster, brawling parry, dodge, melee combat, melee parry, running, pick pockets
Kno: 2D+2; intimidation, streetwise, survival, willpower
Mec: 2D+1; communications, repulsorlift operation, sensors, starship gunnery
Per: 4D; con, forgery, gambling, hide, search, sneak
Str: 2D+2; brawling, climbing/jumping, stamina, swimming
Tec: 3D; computer programming/repair, droid programming, first aid, security
Species: Human
Move: 10
Force Sensitive: Yes or No
Force Pts: 1
Character Pts: 5
Credits: 2000
Special Rules: Contact – During character creation this template selects (created or determined by the player) a contact known to the character. Determine the name, planet location, occupation for this contact and mark it on your update sheet notes section.
Equipment: hold-out blaster pistol (3D), knife (STR+1), deck of Sabacc cards, comlink, security kit (+1D to security skill use), 1 pair restraints (no key).
Special Note: Criminal organization capture bounty of 10,000 credits – no disintegrations (criminal organization to be determined at character creation – Black Sun, Brains, Ghost, Hutt (Cormba, Durga, Jabba, or Ogus)) automatically reinstated 3 modules later if removed by any method other than payoff with a meeting with a criminal organization member.

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