Skills / Perception Skills

Time Taken: One round or longer.
Specializations: Tracking.

This skill is used when the character is trying to spot hidden objects or individuals. If the subject of the search has been purposefully hidden, the searching character makes an opposed roll against the hiding character's hide skill. If the object hasn't been hidden, the character simply makes a roll against a difficulty.
This skill is also used to spot hiding characters, such as a group of aliens preparing an ambush.

Here are some sample search difficulties:

  • Very Easy: Character knows object's exact location.
  • Easy: Character knows the approximate location of a hidden object.
  • Moderate: Character has only vague information, or has only a general idea regarding what he is looking for.
  • Difficult: Character is conducting a general search, but doesn't know what he is looking for (for example, looking for clues at a crime scene). Looking for objects that are very small, like coins.
  • Very Difficult: Character doesn't know what he is looking for, or is searching for a very obscure or extremely small object.
  • Heroic: Object is almost microscopic in size.
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