Search For Discovery Force Hunt


Since the death of Sillo Bluestar, and with him the force hunt, there have been five force users who have been known by the force hunt. Although this is small number of user who are unaccounted for, the skill needed to become a part of this list is considerable. The question remains how many more are there? Seizing upon up an opportunity to attack the Discovery directly before her trail grew cold, an elite force of troops and force hunters stormed the Discovery.

Storm commandos boarded the ship with the intention of planting explosives and downloading the crew roster, prior hyperspace coordinates, and registries of rebel operative ships. Their attempt was foiled. A second group was charged with the occupation of one of Discoveries docking bays. The forces were heavy, but rebellion vigilance was present in the protection of their home base. It was also at this conflict that the rebellion suffered a loss, Wolfman Steve. He gave his life for the cause and protection of freedom.

Force Hunters arrived at another bay. Their escape route was cut off, and the Dark Jedi were defeated. Injuries to the rebel operatives where high, although they were successful. Although none of the combatants become known by the hunt, impressive lightsaber skill was present, and troopers lost track of their weapons.

The failure of the above groups almost caused a proposal to reevaluate the force hunters presence in the Curable Sector. Targo Helix, one of the individuals on the known list, was located and lost his life to Lord Vader. So long as the Empire continues to put pressure on the Crucible sector rebellion, more of the force user who are unaccounted for may eventually be flushed out and others identified. However, for the time being, the rebellion must heal.

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