Search For M'Rath Team 1 Report 1

Mission Log: Search for M'rath: filed by Chimara
Operatives for Mission: Fred Slick, Targo Helix, Fen bel Iblis, Chimara, Taylor Castel, Choth Tamith, Slik, Loren Nik, Corbin Maxx, and Stinky

It's disheartening for those of us who are open to the force and have learned to harness its potential, that our fate doesn't just simply end with torture, imprisonment, or even execution. We can be tortured until we give in to our passions and emotions. Before long, our outlook on life becomes twisted by the dark side. We become the very thing that we struggle against. Our encounter with M'rath was particularly horrifying given that in the end, a device can be placed in your brain forcing you to go against your friends and family.

I cannot explain it, but I do not feel that M'rath fell to the dark side. Instead of being overcome by his emotions and allowing his anger, for being left behind, fuel his willingness to take vengeance upon us, he fled. Unwilling to destroy us, yet unable to join back with us, M'rath I believe sacrificed himself yet again to allow us to leave. In one final act in which he took control of his destiny.

His title, Butcher of Navhiba I'm sure is just imperial media covering his activities. Activities that where driven by his willingness to fight the empire. Yet corrupted by whoever was controlling the chip in his brain. Knowing that his activity would place a bad image on the rebels as well as draw us out into an ambush, things could have gone even worse than it did.

I will always remember M'rath for his courage and wisdom. His attention to detail, often looked at as paranoia. I now understand his reasoning behind not wanting to instruct me in some of the ways of the force. My only regret is that I will not be able to spend more time with him and show him how much I have grown and learned.

I only hope that if I am ever captured, I can muster the same strength of will, and defiance that M'rath was able to muster. Forcing them to either kill me or place a chip in my brain. That being the only way I will ever go against my family. I take comfort in knowing that there are those within our family that will track me down and bring me back. I want it made clear that if I'm ever captured, escape, or go on a "killing spree" the you all will track me down, talk sense into me, or even stun the hell out of me and drag me back and remove anything they may have placed in me.

M'rath's memory will always remind me that even under the very worst conditions, self-control and peace can be maintained and that we are never alone nor forgotten.


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