Search For M'Rath Team 2 Report 1

Pola Panallal sat in yet another emergency meeting, listening to some intelligence officer natter on about Naviha. The sector capital that intelligence had said was only protected by 8 fighters. The place where all those teams ran into each other because so-called "intelligence" hadn't bothered to let any of the teams know about each other. Another disaster in the making, he thought.

Pola paid attention for a moment, and realized it wasn't an int-op. Instead, it was some gun-bunny named Fred Slimp? Ferd Slice? Pola hadn't worked with the man, and wasn't sure what a gun-bunny was, either; a lot of planetary jargon was adopted by the Rebel Alliance just to annoy Imperial moles. Anyway, something about a former Crucible Sector op slaughtering locals on Naviha? Whatever was actually happening, it was bad for the Rebel Alliance's reputation, just like the Empire had spun the Death Star's destruction into either an attack on a hospital ship or on a large colony ship. Pola
had heard both.

So, a lot of senior folks like General bel Iblis had worked with this Bothan, M'rath and wanted a chance to look him up to get the real story, despite the fact that lots of Navihans and Imps had tried and failed to find him. "Good luck to them", thought Pola, knowing that a friend or a loyal comrade was worth the effort, then tried to figure out why he was at the briefing. Even Orange Squadron would have a tough time sheparding agents past the sector capital`s security, and if that Super Star Destroyer was still at Naviha, forget it.

Lt. Colonel Rimwold, another leftover from better days, elbowed Pola, "Wake up, we're moving." Pola let the others fill him in on the loose plan of meeting a Bothan informant on Naviha and seeing if they could follow the underworld links along to meet whoever it was that helped the "Butcher of Naviha" blow up the underwater base where the Imperials had tried to trap some ops the last time out. Right, everybody on both sides had run for their lives.

Pola counted heads, and there were too many, 10 or 12 in each group. Six man teams ran into disagreements on plans often enough, some sentient in each group was certain to muff. One more sign of HQ's anxiety over the bad rep the Butcher was giving the Alliance. That or various generals had pulled strings to…assure success? Improve the chances that the city would be wrecked? The opera house had been closed after the last Rebel Alliance visit.

Arriving on Naviha, security was even tighter than before. Too many loose cannon bounty hunters after the reward on the Butcher had the security forces alert and mean. Pola's oversized group checked into a hotel, ran Jinxie past the contact, and went to a casino to meet the informant. Unfortunately, all the Bothan could do was offer to arrange a meet with the mob that had hired him (to help in the underwater sabotage), a very bad idea since they turned up with Naviha security. The gang had fingered him as the Butcher, hoping to tie up loose ends with the informant's death during apprehension. And collect a reward, of course.

Running out the back to the docks, the marine chase began. There were so many Rebel ops that Pola wound up piloting one of four vessels commandeered for the getaway. Naturally, Rimworld and Pola, the only experienced pilots, left the other two boats behind almost immediately. A lot of shot-up pursuers later, the inevitable occurred when the fuel tank on the docks exploded.

One of the lagging vessels was badly damaged, however, so Pola's passengers insisted that he veer towards an oncoming security boat so they could leap over and use it to rescue the others. "Jump from a fast moving small craft onto another fast moving ship that is going the other way?" wondered Pola, but he obliged by slaloming by. Unfortunately, another load of ops had the same idea and nobody had bothered to com their intent to each other, resulting in 6 or 7 ops, including Wookiees, on a four man patrol craft!

One or two collisions later (Pola wasn't sure), all the remaining pursuit veered off. Considering all the smoke over the city, the casino may have gotten off lightly. Anyways, an actual attack from the Butcher topped a possible sighting, allowing the ops to get to a safe hideout, and eventually off planet, after rendezvous with the other team. "Oh, yes," thought Pola, "that explains the plume of smoke," and he didn't ask how many square blocks had been destroyed.

Turns out the other team had found M'rath, and had been compelled to kill him. A detailed scan indicated an organic implant in the Bothan's brain which may have caused his violent and irrational behavior. Another flub on Naviha.

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