Search For M'Rath Team 2 Report 2

After a quick breifing from Fred Slick, there was a bustle as people tried to divide themselves into teams. It may have been better if there was a third team to cover the other two, but those were the breaks. Since M'rath had been somewhat of an inspiriation to me I tried to get onto the primary team, but seeing that they had the task in good hands, I signed onto the secondary team. Initially we tried to decide a team leader by rank, but Fred Slick ended up making the decision by giving Matthias the comm number for our contact.

We landed on Navhiba without incident. Nobody tried to do anything foolish as far as sneaking on illeagal weapons, much to my surprise. I know that when push comes to shove, if I trust in the Force, I can use my claws to rend steel in defense of friends. So I wasn't worried about not bringing a personal weapon onto the planet. We rented a couple of vehicles, and split into a couple of different hotels. We then had Second Lt. Vo (Jynx) make the call. After a bit of negotiation, it was decided to go to a casino with privacy screens.

A new kid by the name of Kendil (sp?) and myself thought it might be a good idea to case the place beforehand. I tried to make myself less noticed by sticking with the low rollers. Nothing bad happened before hand, but any attempt not to be noticed was blown when the rest of the team came in. After a round bought by Kendil, went to talking. Our contact had nothing, he was second string at best. However, we thought we might be able to make our way up the food chain.

Our plans were neatly demolished when we were about to leave. On one side we had the local cops accusing us of having the Butcher of Navhiba with us. On the other side, we had the men who hired our contact, they apparently are in the business of snuffing anyone who might be willing to give out information. We quickly comandeered some vessels and took off. Our contact was in a boat with Matthias, Jynxie, and Sara, with Sara at the wheel. I'm still surprised he survived. Luckily for us, these boats were equipped with the latest in manuevring systems, it allowed two of the non-pilots to take the wheel. During the chase there were several explosions involving liquid fuel, including knocking down part of the wall of the casino. We thought we were in the clear until I started seeing smoke. I decided to be a nice guy and comandeer a fifth vessel to replace the smoking one. However, the timing was off. In addition to the rest of the guys on my boat, there were the guys from the smoking boat. All told, we fit 5 humans (granted two were Jynxie and Sara, which maybe count for 1.5 humans in terms of size), a Bothan, and a Trianii onto the new boat. There was also another boat change involving 3 humans and a Wookiee.

We were ready to persue this further, but our pursuit broke off and someone shouted something about the butcher being corenered in a different location. When we got there the place was teaming with Imperials, but we managed to extract team 1 and a dead M'rath (they extracted themselves, we provided transport).

~Lt. Col. Myrrrad

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