Search For Mystery Ships

Report from Colonel Stinky

I am still confused by this mission. There was no real briefing other than Gen. Castel asked for a team to go to a specific location in space. We were to see what we could find and get as much info as possible. It all had something to do with Younston Townster and droid controlled ships with mystery weapons.

Our team was headed up by Gen. Miris and even she seemed bewildered by the mission. As I was specifically requested to take my ship ("The Restraining Bolt" has a droid jamming system), this left us short in the pilot department. No additional support could be given to our team so we only took 2 ships.

On board Fred Slick's ship, "Bun Bun", were: Lyta Miris, pilot; Kendil, co-pilot/shields; Myrrrad, sensors/comms; Fred Slick, tractor beam/gunner; Jericho Hunter, gunner; Jet, gunner. I was flying solo in my Clone era Utapau Porax-38 (had to, it is a single seat starfighter).

The best way to sum up the majority of our mission is lather, rinse, repeat.

Arriving in system, I engaged the droid jamming system and we headed toward where our sensors showed ships to be; in an asteroid field. 4 IRDs attacked and were quickly dispatched by the gunners on board "Bun Bun". Then 4 odd ships came at us. Myrrrad made sure to constantly take scans of them. Hope something good comes from this information.

The most unusual thing was what happened when sufficient damage was dealt to these ships; they vaporized.

We went through 3 waves of 4, then a group of 6 showed up with reinforcements behind in pairs of 2. The "Bun Bun" crew tried to tractor one on board bu some of us had a bad feeling about that. We tried to get some type of a sample but to no avail.

It seemed that they got harder to hit the longer we battled them. Finally one hit "The Restraining Bolt" with one of its odd weapons. My shields went down. This was followed by an ion hit that took out my comms, maneuvering and ion drive.

By this time missiles had been launched at us from somewhere. Lots of missiles! The "Bun Bun" tractored my P-38 but I knew it was too big to fit through the cargo bay doors. I set to work to get my engines started while the crew of the "Bun Bun", I assumed, were making ready to leave.

My engines came back on, I tugged at the tractor beam as my only means to communicate with the "Bun Bun". They released me. Quickly entering astrogation coordinates, I made to escape the missiles. Just before making the jump into hyperspace, I realized my hastily made calculation would not lead back to the fleet. But there was no time to redo it. I believe the missiles went off a micro second after I made the jump.

I came out of hyperspace to a clear location, recalculated and arrived back at the fleet a day late. Happily, the "Bun Bun" had been able to get away with no losses.

If asked for a future recommendation, I would have to say that unless given much greater backup support, a future mission to investigate would/could be a disaster.

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