Search For M'rath Team 2 Report 3 Lt. Vo's Report

I wasn't sure who this M'rath was aside from a rebel operative who had apparently been missing for over a year. And then it clicked, the Bothan, who if memory serves, was the General that gave me two Mer-Sonn stun grenades and told me to put them to good use after my requesition for explosives had been denied. Word was he had gone crazy and was now being called 'The Butcher of Naviha'.

Yes, on mission back to the site my comrades and others alike were privy to my elaborate pyrotecnics show. Were were on assignment to make contact with a former employee of the 'Butcher' and discover the reasoning for his actions, or so I guessed. I was pissed and trying not to show it to the rest of the team, though I think us being crammed into a transport vessel with other denizens from across the galaxy can do that to a person. But I wasn't mad for the tight spaces, no. I was pissed that we would allow a member of our family to rot in the clutches of the Imperials for so long. I had been on countless missions before this one to retrieve captured operatives after weeks or at the most a few months in Imperial confines…unless they were undercover. But this didn't seem like an undercover job. If it had been me in his shoes, without rescue after months I would have struck a deal to get out and then repaid my comerades back in kind base by base with every explosive device I could get my hands on.

Apparently I wasn't far off on that line of thinking. Our Contact had been hired by the 'Butcher' to blow a sub-base…the same one I was accredited for by my team members months ago.

Security was tight due to the 'Butcher' and likely due to our last mission objectives. Surprisingly no one tried to sneak anything through, and while I thought about trying for detonite I also realized that was something the Imps were most definately looking for.

Once through security I found myself in a cab with Sara and Matthias, bound for the same hotel we had stayed at prior. It seems there was some uncertainy as to who was leading this forray, and the two senior officers were arguing over who would com our contact. Fred Slick had entrusted the com to Matthias, who wasn't looking forward to the prospect of making the call. I lifted his spirits some by reaching into his pocket for the com and releaving him of that duty.

Yeah, I know it's hard to believe I was the one who made contact. I decided I'd appeal to his expertise in demolitions by letting on that I was the one responsible for the Opera House, and after a few minutes of small talk it was decided we'd meet at some seedy casino within the hour. I let him know what to look for.

We all went of course, and I was singled out by our contact's man to meet in a back room. I was a bit surprised that Kendril, a young Twi'Lek, had bought a round of drinks for everyone including said contact, and was escorting the waitresses into the room. I was a little more surprised that our contact was also a Bothan. I was a little distracted to tell what was agreed on, though from what I garner we opted to try and work our way up the food chain to find the source of employment. We left through the back way and it was then the fun started.

On one side were the imps, and on the other it seemed our contact's buddies decided to sell him out as the Butcher. It seems the Imps were fine taking in ANY Bothan in order to quiet things down. Matthias threw a coat over him and dived into a boat with me and Sara fast at their heels. The rest of the party followed suit, if not sooner and we were off.

With Sara steering I sat behind the gun on the vessle and began taking some shots. Rhineheart, a fellow op, was able to blast a leak in the fueling tank on shore which we ignited to create a beautiful sunset explosion over the docks and water. Later on Lothar, a wookie I only recently taught how to toss a grenade, threw a gas tank into the air. We all tried to shoot it but missed, until one shot hit it as it met the water. The result was a wall of water that capsized two enemy boats.

Our boat took a few hits to the engine, resulting in some foul black smoke. I was certain it wouldn't explode, but then Sara was yelling we were going to jump ship. I got that cold tingle of fear down my spine when I realized that we were out over deep water and about to jump ship. I hate deep water!

Matthias jarred my senses then by slipping something shockingly cold down my shirt. He wound up piggy-backing me and the Bothan across to the other ship, and I recall Sara diving overboard in a red evening dress. We wound up with several persons in one boat, just over twice the amount the boats were meant to hold.

Sara informed me the remaining boats were called off, and apparently the 'Butcher' had been cornered. Matthias was able to provide our coastal team mates with some help by scrambling the Imp frequencies and we were able to get away with the Bothan intact…if a little bedraggled.

A holorecording of the mission is available thanks to Matthias. It begins with the first few shots at our pursuers and ends with me fishing it out of my shirt. If I missed any information of importance there may be additional information on the recording.

I am appalled that we would allow a fellow opperative to rot for so long in Imperial clutches. Who knows how long it'll be until our bases fall under Imperail attack from out of the blue, if my line of thinking on the matter is correct.

-Second Lieutenant Reon Vo

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