Seascape Diving Suit

Equipment / Protective Gear / Environmental Suits

Model: SeaScape Aquasuit (Hardshell model)
Type: Heavy diving suit
Scale: Character
Skill: Swimming
Cost: 400
Availability: 1 in coastal areas, 2 elsewhere
Game Notes: The reinforced ribbing adds 2 pips to Strength code for damage purposes only. Only reduces Dexterity codes on land. The flippers and on-board propulsion unit add +2D to the user’s swimming skill and allow an underwater Move rate of 12. Air tanks contain enough air for six hours
of continuous use, and ribbing plates allow dives to 200 meters. There is a comlink in the helmet with a range of two kilometers.
Source: The Best of the Adventure Journals – Issues 1-4 (page 67), Gundark’s Fantastic Technology (page 60)

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