Sense Path

Sense Path
Sense Difficulty
spaceM (15)
Required PowersEmptiness, Hibernation Trance
Power may be kept ‘up’

Effect – This power tells the character what “path” he is on: whether his current actions are likely to lead him to the Dark Side, and whether any specified future actions are likely to do so. (This power may be thought of as farseeing without Control). Bear in mind that without Control, the Force-user has no control over whether he sees the past, present, or a possible future. The visions he receives are more likely to be allegorical in nature; to receive specific details the farseeing power must be used.

The Force-user can choose to consciously use this power, or it can be a plot device. If the latter, at an appropriate point in the scenario, you may call for a roll on this power, and give the Force-user a vision if he succeeds. You may use this to tell the players how they are doing, or to give them a premonition of doom just before a critical encounter in order to heighten the game atmosphere.

Located – Tales of the Jedi Companion Sourcebook p.50-51

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