Ship Acquisitions Yavin Report By Slik

To: Rebel Alliance HQ
From: Delta Team I
Concerning: Mission Debrief – Yavin Ship Gathering

We are sorry that we missed the official group debriefing and award ceremony, but once again the Dark Side intervened.

Our team consisted of Major M’rath Et’tra, Capt. Arkansas Dave Rudebaugh, Darius “Slik” Wade, Enigma, Kwi Sung, and for a brief stint Daryn Startrotter. Like most of the other teams we were saddled with some Techs to watch out for and were stuck on a mission specific ship. To insure we had enough firepower I brought along “Rufus”, my Trade Federation Droid starfighter. Our droid pilot was “Arfie” and he performed adequately. We luckily didn’t have to test his combat skills, since we avoided space conflict for the most part.

We arrived in system and started with some Passive sensor sweeps to see what was around. I launched “Rufus” to assist in sensor sweeps and assist in triangulating specific targets if needed. We detected the 23 ships (I don’t remember what all of them were but here is a guess - 8 Dreadnaughts, 4 Vigilance Heavy Cruisers, 2 Loromar Recon Cruisers, 2 Colony Ships and a few others). We also detected an outbound small object, which turned out to be message hyperpod. I instructed “Rufus” to “sick it” and “Rufus” went to intercept mode. Luckily before “Rufus” destroyed the pod we learned that we did not trigger its launch, but it was underway before we arrived. So we a quick command change to “fetch”, “Rufus” blocked the hyperpod’s jump coordinates and then grabbed the pod to bring it aboard our ship.

We learned from the message hyperpod that the Imperial contingent assigned to these ships pulled all of the computer memory cores and took them down to the moon of Yavin IV. So even if we got the Techs on the ship with the slave circuit systems, they wouldn’t be going anywhere until we got those memory cores.

We decided to set down a couple of kilometers from the stone temple structure the Imps chose to use as a storage depot. We decided the “We’re friendly Imperials” routine might get us in the front door, so we suited up in Imperial wear and varying StormTrooper armor and headed out. On the way to the temple we came across a new ally in the form of a big Insectoid creature communicating directly into our thoughts. He said he was a Watcher. When we asked him what he watched, he said he watched for the return of the Dark Ones. He also warned us that the others before us awoke the Dark Servant of the Great Temple and that we should beware. Since we hear things like this everyday, we continued on to the temple.

After a small skirmish with some forest creatures we arrived at the temple and headed inside. It wasn’t much to look at. It was overgrown with vines and halfway through a main corridor the vines hit the entire group with Force Lightning. Now that will wake you up if you are not paying attention. Once the realization that the Dark Servant was a big Force Using Plant sank in, we started hitting it with blasters, lightsabers, fists, feet, and swords. It absorbed the blaster and lightsaber damage M’rath and Kwi Sung. It didn’t flinch from the hand-to-hand damage I tried dealing and in fact sprang up to entangle me. Enigma’s sword performed best of all, but cutting the vines seemed futile. I usually reserve my mobile explosives for this type of situation, but I just used them on my last mission to take out an Imperial outpost communication center and AT-ST depot. Luckily I had a trusty old Thermal Detonator. I lobbed it at the main trunk of the creature and everyone ran for cover. We all got clear of the blast and if the blast didn’t kill the creature outright, the roof caving in on probably did.

At this point we remembered why we came down here, the memory cores. Unfortunately 4 were caught in the blast but the others were OK. Then the roof starts to cave in. The three Force Users in the group, M’rath, Arkansas Dave, and Kwi Sung, were able to lift and guide the remaining cores out of the collapsing temple with Telekinesis and we turned to go. But just before we left we saw two shiny objects in the debris. The Force Users had their hands full and none of us were fast enough to rush in to grab the objects, so I sent in my two Guardian droids (the ones without the explosives) to gather up the items.

As the droids brought the two items closer, the Force Users could Sense the evil from one or both of the items. It turned out the Mask item was what was sensing as evil. But this could mean several different things. It could be Tainted and any Jedi touching it could be wounded. It could just Sense as evil because the person who made it or used it was Evil. Or it could corrupt anyone who touched it. Arkansas Dave wanted to touch the Mask to find out. I slipped around behind him just in case it was the worst of the three choices and he got corrupted, I would hit him from behind.

Well wouldn’t you know as soon as Arkansas Dave touched the Mask he hollered in pain and slapped the Mask on his face. So I declare three actions. The first is a Silent Strike to knock him out. Well he was good enough to catch me coming, so that had no effect. He draws and ignites his lightsaber. For my second action I do an Instant Wound and connect, but since he hasn’t put up any Force Powers yet it just causes a Wound. The possessed Arkansas Dave counters with the Control roll for Lightsaber Combat. With one action left before he has Lightsaber Combat up and knowing that another Instant Wound might slow him down but not stop him this round I switch to Nerve Punch and once again connect. His lightsaber arm goes limp and because I beat him by enough, he actually passes out.

We carefully loaded ADR onto the ship, but the ships power went dead. When we remove him from the ship, the ship works fine. Figuring the tough part is over and wanting to get the other Force Sensitive players away from this Mask object, I agree to watch over ADR while the rest of the group finishes the mission and gets the Techs and the memory cores to our awaiting fleet of ships. I snag several medpacs to make sedatives to keep ADR asleep and have the group call for medical support from Alliance HQ. I was even able to convince our Watcher friend to sit and keep me company. With ADR unconscious and in stun cuffs and with his lightsaber and guns on the ship along with his cowboy hat (you never know what the demoralization issue may play on a foe) I figured we would be OK.

Everything was going fine until our Watcher friend tensed up. When I looked to see what the problem was, I saw one of the sedative needles floating up in the air and spinning slowly towards my head. Without the advanced warning from the Watcher that needle would be sticking out of my head instead of shooting passed my ear. It appears the possessed ADR somehow detoxified the sedative. The Watcher pounced on him and did 3 Instant Wounds. But since ADR still had the wound from the first fight, this put him at Mortally Wounded. So a quick medpac to keep him alive but still down at Incapacitated seemed like the best solution.

With ADR out again we doubled his sedatives and kept a closer watch. I even went so far as to tie him to a tree wearing a shirt to blindfold him and strapped him to a Proton Torpedo from “Rufus”, just in case he woke up. Okay the paranoia was running a bit high. I was on about 28 hours with no sleep by this time, afraid that if I dozed off, he might awaken.

Luckily the cavalry returned with Harold Ascot and Taylor to handle the heavy medical recovery and they used the 2 surgical droids to cut the mask off of ADR. Harold mentioned that we had to hurry because of the 2 approaching Star Destroyers. The Mask was quickly cut loose and it crumbled to dust as Harold and Taylor stabilized ADR and patched him up. I suggested checking out the ruins again before leaving. Harold mentioned again that there were 2 incoming Star Destroyers. I assumed he was kidding about that, but I guess not. So we boarded our ship and quietly slip out of the system before the Star Destroyers were in position.

Oh and for those curious folk the other item that was found, appears to be some form of Holocron. But it will take some time to get it to function.

Darius “Slik” Wade
Delta Team I

Activate Encryption Protocols

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