Ship's Doctor

Ship's Doctor
Dex: 2D; brawling parry, dodge, melee combat, melee parry, running
Kno: 4D; alien species, bureaucracy, cultures, languages, planetary systems, scholar, willpower
Mec: 2D+2; communications, sensors, starship shields
Per: 3D+1; bargain, command, investigation, persuasion, search
Str: 2D, brawling, lifting, stamina
Tech: 4D; computer prog/rep, droid programming, droid repair, first aid, machinery repair
Species: Human
Move: 10
Force Sensitive: Yes or No {If yes, start with an additional Force point}
Force Pts: 1 or 2
Dark Side Pts: 0
Character Pts: 5
Credits: 1000
Equipment: 3 datapads (containing notes on first aid and medicine), medical bag with various medical implements and tools, backpack containing 10 medpacks, comlink, medical scanner, stun baton (STR+1D dmg physical; 5D dmg stun), collapsible repulsor gurney (+2D to Lifting skill).
Creation Notes: Medical Training: Receive +1D bonus on any First Aid or (A) Medicine skill roll; this bonus is lost if the character ever personally causes a Wound.
Improved Field Medicine: With a (A) Medicine skill of 1D or higher this character can effectively heal without the use of a medpack at double the required difficulty as if using a medpack.
Bonus Skill: If during character creation the First Aid skill is raised to a minimum of 5D, you have the option to add the (A)Medicine skill at 1D to the template, but this will also give the character a debt of 7000 credits in unpaid school bills.

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