Sillo Bluestar

Name: Bluestar, Sillo
Rank: Brigadier General
Status: Deceased (Battle of Shiva)
Race: Human
Homeworld: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175
Skin: caucasian, medium
Hair: brown

Known Aliases:
Dare E Uswade (blown)
Darius Wade (blown)
Devin Cloudchaser

Golden Shield of Shiva
Bluestar Medalian of Adalli (Reason for its Existance)


Starfighter Pilot
Starship Gunner
Gunslinger (Heavy Blaster Pistol specifically)
Martial Artist

*Jedi Battlemaster

At some point Sillo was the captain of the Imperial Customs Corvette Reliant. This tour of duty was for eight months and there are currently few details associated with it.

Known Associates (in no particular order):
Arkansas Dave Rudebaugh
Choth Tamith
Darius Wade
Fen bel Iblis
Harold Ascott
Jezlyn Moonshadow
Kia, Jedi Master
Lyta Miris
Pola Panallal
Stinky Pete
Stinky the Jawa (Padawan)
Taylor Castel
Tik Tik

Known Organization Associated with:
Jedi Order (Specifically the Order of the Silver Jedi)
Orange Squadron

Known Relatives:
Jezreal Bluestar (sister, a mechanic currently stationed on the Vigilance)

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