Sillo Bluestar Memorial

During a celebration day at Uneeq's, Dee'laan stood before those gathered. From under the cloak she was wearing, she brought out a lightsaber that was obviously too big for a Jawa. Speaking up, she related the story of Sillo's sacrifice in the space above Shiva for the new recruits and that his sacrifice needed to be remembered. Holding up the lightsaber, Dee'laan related her belief that when a Lightsaber is created a small part of the creator goes into it. As her final goodbye to a friend and mentor, she opened the weapon, removed the 3 crystals and laid them on the deck. Pulling out a Jawa sized lightsaber, she ignited it and used it to destroy the 3 crystals that held a bit of the Force from her friend. She then placed the non-functioning lightsaber on the shelf below Sillo Bluestar's name.

"May your sacrifice not have been in vain." posted by Dee'laan Gad'wa-heega

"You brought much honor to your order. I wish I had known you better. posted by Lyta Miris-bel Iblis

"He was right to hesitate in teaching me. He saw something in me I really now am starting to grapple with." posted by Chimara

"Master Bluestar: I'm thankful I had a chance to meet you and that you took DG under your tutalage. She has made me proud. To be a Jedi. I aspire to be like you someday. I hope we all are making you proud. May the Force be with you. signed by Daryn

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