Skakoan Pressure Suit

Equipment / Protective Gear / Environmental Suits

Model: Skakoan Pressure Suit
Type: Environment suit
Scale: Character
Cost: 1,000 (light), 4,500 (medium), 11,000 (heavy)
Availability: 4 (available only on Skako or through the Techno Union)
Game Notes: The Skakoan designed three different types of pressure suits to protect them from the adverse effects of atmospheres other than the one found on their homeworld:

  • Light Pressure Suit: +1D physical, +1 energy.
  • Medium Pressure Suit: +1D+2 physical, +1D energy, -1 to Dexterity.
  • Heavy Pressure Suit: +2D+1 physical, +1D+1 energy, -1D to Dexterity.

All Skakoan pressure suits incorporate a vocalizer that distorts the wearer’s speech patterns, making it difficult to tell one suited Skakoan from another. If an attack deals a Wounded result on a suit’s wearer, there’s a 50% that the suit will rupture, exposing its wearer to hostile atmospheric conditions. Although not designed for it, the pressure suit can protect a non-Skakoan from the harmful effects of Skako’s dense, oxygen-poor atmosphere.

Source: Ultimate Alien Anthology (page 143)


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