Where do we go from here?

Log entry

The jedi council.

There is talk that one is needed. Force user's want a council to guide actions, confirm they stay on the path of light. I am not exactly sure why rest of the population wants it - but if I was to guess somethign to believe in? Something to give hope? Something to keep the fear of rogue Jedi at bay?

Fred partcially put the idea that I should form this high mighty council at my feet. He has hinted loud enough but not directly asked. I don't think any one would actually ask. Where are you when we really need Silio? You brought us all confidence and sense that it was ok, somehow we placed the burden of our hope onto your shoulders and no your gone. Who could every fill your shoes. Silo you were the closest thing to our guiding light….. our great Jedi. Rebel could protect you, lay down their lives and believe…… now, well now what do we have.

Force User in shadows, few willing to stand up and say I'll be that Jedi you want. Eyes have darted my way. People have found reason to talk about a council with me, are they hinting? Do they think of me as some Jedi like person to start a council?

My mind banish's this idea quickly but the consistant conversation repeats and I found my mind saying what if……
I am being vain? Do they just want someone to help talk them thourgh , help them plan a way to meet the need?

So what if….. Thinking about here can help. A force using council. People hate force users, rebels included. They question our actions cause no one is out there saying how a force user should act. We are in the darkness.

But what if….
Jedi waited until the last moment to act. A new council couldn't be like the Jedi - they pontificate far too much. Tools that look nice but are never used are with purpose. A force users has a purpose and needs to be well used. Well used tools are not perfect looking, they have grease, oil scuffs, and more than a few times have been dropped. A force user that is useful to the people would be like that…. not perfect - not a self important gleaming shine, but mortal and good underneath, good by actions taken.


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